Friday, August 21, 2009

They crack me up.

This is what I was looking at while I was canning the other day. Well, it's what I was looking at when I wasn't trying to get the fog from the steam off of my glasses!

The girls were right there at the (dirty) back door window wondering what the heck I was doing and just when did I think I might be able to bring out those scraps?!
"Um, hello?"

"Scraps? Like NOW?"

"Did you hear me?"
Look at that look she's giving me! And they are not afraid to stalk my back door to get what they want, either! These girls mean business.
Speaking of which, one of them is squawking right now...LOUD. I had no idea they would be so noisy! Everything I read said they'd make a little noise while laying an egg but I thought it would be like one big, "CLUCK!" as it was actually coming out. I didn't know they "clucked" it all the way down the shoot! My poor neighbors. I'm just waiting to come home to a note on my door...yikes.


Tammy James said...

Total LOL photos! so funny, cute and typical of chooks. I love it!

Conny said...

Your chickens are crackin' me up too. Thanks for sharing the pics. Maybe someday (next Spring?) I'll have some nosybody lady chickens peeking through my back door. That would be great.

Nancy said...

tell those girls to lay more eggs....sharing with the neighbors might eliminate the risk of a note on your door.

Beegirl said...

Too cute! Were they pecking the door? I love the fact you have chickens at your back door. You should have invited them in for tea! Just kidding...

pinkpeppercorns said...

Ohmygosh, those photos are hilarious! I especially like the first one. And your commentary is so on the money. heh