Friday, August 14, 2009

busy bodies.

In my careful observation of these silly chickens, I've come to the conclusion that they are NOSY. They are constantly concerned with what the others have and what the others are doing. Nosy busy bodies.
For instance...can you see inside the hen house, there? It's Nellie...sweet little Nellie just minding her own business, trying to lay an egg for me.
Can you see who's standing there to the left? Yeah...that would be Betty, aka Busy Body. She's not laying an egg. She's just being nosy.
Hey wait...what's this?
Now what does Sweetie think she's doing? Nosy! she? Sometimes I think they're lending support...kind of like a doula. You think? Because sometimes when one is laying an egg one of the other girls will just set in the little stall area next to her and just...sit. Like a good friend.
And you it just me? Or do any of you feel a tiny bit bad about snatching up those beautiful brown eggs that our sweet girls worked so hard to produce? For some reason I feel a little bad each time I take their egg from the coop. I mean, I know this is why I got them. And I know that their brains are the size of a pea...or smaller...and they don't remember 4 minutes after I've taken it. But still...I feel a little bad. Such a sap, aren't I?
I've got a lot to do this morning so I better get a move on. I've got some errands this morning and then I work today from 1-5. Have a wonderful afternoon and I'll see you later!


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

After getting chickens, we went from "curious as a cat" to "curious as a chicken". They're about as nosy as nosy can get!

Don't ya think that laying an egg would require some privacy?

Elaine said...

I'm sure the girls want you to have their produce. It's what they're made to do, lay eggs. You are simply encouraging and celebrating who they are!

I can't wait to see what you do with the first dozen.

Tammy James said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your first lovely dozen.

Anonymous said...

yum, nosy and noisy - I'm a little worried about what the neighbors are thinking.

today - mine got in the garden. that is not where they are allowed - back in their coop they went. And, then I feel bad like they are in prison.

Beegirl said...

You can say nosy again. Lois is the neb of the bunch, followed closely behind by her best buddy, Mary Claire. Little Helen is happy to hang of my skirt tales. Fannies, well she is just Fannie. Lois always has her nose in what ever I am doing in the coop too. Silly ladies - Tricks are for chickens. Wonder if they like Lucky Charms.. : )

Nancy said...

I'd say the eggs are the girls' gift to you for all that you do for them. Fair trade.

Have I told you that my mother used to raise chickens? 500 of them! A whole barn full. She got rid of them just before she had me.