Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting a grip...

Well...both boys are home from their first days of school and all is well. Seth started high school today and didn't bat an eye. He was ready. So I didn't worry...much. Ian, on the other hand, got the teacher I didn't want him to get. BUT, I may have to eat crow as he said she was nice, he related to a lot that she said and told me she has a good sense of humor. SO...even though I know my son, and like to think I know what's best for him, I may have misjudged this teacher's character. And I hope so, for Ian's sake. If not, this could be a rough year. Time will tell...but so far, so good.

The girls contributed three eggs to the bounty today. Such good girls! At this rate we could have almost two dozen eggs a week! Not bad I say. I am putting them all in an egg carton...when it's full I'll take a photo of our first dozen and then we'll EAT THEM! I'm keeping a tally to add to the Freedom Gardeners tally. I haven't been weighing the produce...but I started yesterday with the green beans.
Speaking of green beans...I need to get dinner started. Chris has worship practice tonight and would probably like to eat before he goes! Thanks for the encouraging words my sweet friends...I appreciate you!


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I love you Michelle - just a moment ago, I read your post about not having much "nice" to say; then I turn around and you're writing about the girls and your boys! I so appreciate your zest for life and your willingness to be "real".

Have a great night and a pleasant tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, it is nice to round out your home with your "girls". Tori always says we have 2 boys and nine girls at our house (our dog is a girl too).

This will be a good year for your boys. I am thinking that each year that our kids get older means we have to let go a little bit further and trust God more.

Anonymous said...

actually I did the math wrong

2 boys
10 girls

wow, that is so lopsided.

Nancy said...

Sounds like yesterday ended on a positive note. I hear you about the teacher thing...I've had to keep my mouth shut (tight) a time or two.

Beegirl said...

Good morning love...
Just catching up!
Glad to hear the first day of school went well. I remember it with such distain. Amazed I made it though.. Hope you have a wonderful day! Congrats on all the eggs. I can never eat enough of them. Heading to the kitch now to make an egg (and egg white) cheese omelet.

i am going to look like and cheese omelet pretty soon.

: )