Sunday, August 9, 2009

Are you serious?!


So by deduction we believe that the first egg was laid by Sweetie, one of our Buff Orpington's. Then around 4:15 or so I was getting ready to go babysit for my young friend's little girls for a couple of hours. Before I left I decided to go check on the girls as they were free-ranging in the backyard. Well, when I went out there I only saw three chickens. One of my Buff's was missing! I thought maybe she got through a hole in our fence and escaped into our neighbor's yard...but upon further investigation I realized she was in the hen house. She was hunkered down in one of the "nesting boxes" (a plastic shelf/bin that they sleep on top of...and now lay eggs under) and she seemed nervous...and fidgety...and was panting a lot and trying to get comfortable. After I observed her for a little while longer I began to think that she was going to lay an egg, too!
I had to go so I couldn't wait around to see if she was OK. So on my way to my friend's house I called Chris and asked him to go check on her. He did and said she was fine...still acting the same way...but fine and not to worry, he'd check on her periodically. I hung up the phone when it rang like 10 seconds later. It was Chris. "Oh my gosh. She just laid an egg. Right in front of me!" I was cracking up. And trying to drive. And shouldn't have been on my phone because it IS against the law...but my chicken just laid an egg for the first time! I'm sure an officer of the law would totally have understood. I'm sure of it. OK, maybe not. But it could have been a funny story!
So...Buff Orpington's: 2...Barred Rocks: 0. Who will be next?


Rhonda Jean said...

How exciting! You should be able to tell which girls are laying - their combs will be fully developed and ruby red. Those with small, pink combs are still preparing for the big day.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

A day to mark on the calendar, for sure. Now that you have truly fresh eggs, you'll never look at grocery eggs the same again. Ever. Not in a million years.

Anonymous said...

wow, Rhonda Jean left a comment on your blog! how cool is that. I love her blog.

good info too that she provided. getting eggs in so much fun. everyday Tori comes in with the eggs. she loves the whole process. I love no longer having to buy eggs : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle!!!!

I am just catching up on all your posts and I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

i love the quote! And at least I would forgive you, that's big news.