Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday: some snaps of the garden.

The garden is humming right along these days...everything is growing and blooming and ripening. And I am loving it!
I clipped a second gourd the other day...the one on the left.
I think I clipped it prematurely. It's lighter and smaller...but I think I panicked a bit because it had dragged the vine down a bit. But, after cutting it I realized that those vines are TOUGH. And I would venture to say that the vine is tough enough to hold the weight of the dang thing it's supposed to grow! Duh. lack of patience in the garden reigns...dangit. I really need to learn to WAIT.
The peppers are doing really well. This is our banana pepper plant.
We harvested one really good size pepper last night...and this one will be plucked later today! Do you know how long Ive waited to pick these?!'s been tough.

Ahh...and the eggplant...oh wait, excuse me, the aubergine.
Aren't they gorgeous? I think these vegetables are so beautiful. And I have to say, I am not a "purple" person. I don't care for purple, I don't wear purple, it's just not ever been one of my favorite colors. (I like blue...just in case you were wondering!) But the color of natural purple? Purple plants? And purple vegetables? I think they're beautiful. Purple probably IS one of my favorites in the garden.
Oh...and did I mention? The girls laid two eggs yesterday?
Oh...I did?
I wasn't sure that I'd shared that my sweet, silly chickens laid our first two eggs yesterday! I'm still so excited...I open the fridge just to look at them every now and then...amazing.
It's supposed to be 105 degrees here today. Ugly. So I better get out into that garden and give everything a sip of water to keep them hydrated today. But I have a feeling I'll be between loads of laundry, a little bit of school shopping and checking for more eggs every five minutes!


Anonymous said...

what eggs?

j/k - 105! really? I though that heat wave was over.

Kelly said...

Finding eggs must be so exciting after all this time! Hope you are staying cool.

Elaine said...

All your photos are in twos today.
2 aberguines
2 banana peppers
2 eggs

2 cute.

Nancy said...

Nice veggies, girl. Love the purple.

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Nature provides the most inspiring and perfect colour pallet. So clean, so pure, so crisp.

Try not to wilt. We had a heat wave here a week ago. It was 38C here at one pont and very humid. UGH!

Anonymous said...

dahling, you're aubergines are too die for!