Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Then and now.

I was just out in the garden watering...and ducking tomato branches and dodging gourd vines...and couldn't help but be amazed at how quickly things change in the life of a backyard homestead.
For instance...the girls. Can you believe that only 4 short months ago they looked like this? I can hardly stand how stinkin' cute they were!
And that I'm looking back, clearly I was in denial about the appearance of my chickens.
Because clearly, contrary to what I may have said, they DID go through an awkward stage. THIS is proof.
If this isn't awkward I don't KNOW what is! Poor little girls...they were so gawky, weren't they? It brings back painful memories of junior high school pictures. Yikes!
But...thank with most of us...they got through that painful stage and have slowly but surely blossomed into beautiful girls. At least I think so...and always have.

Then there's the garden. It amazes me daily. Every day I go out there and something has changed. Like I've said before, I wish I could just sit and watch the garden for a while. I just KNOW I would be able to SEE the growth.
Here's the garden back in June right after we yanked everything from the killer pine boxes and carelessly planted it into what I thought was poor soil. I really did not expect any of it to survive. I had pretty much written the garden off for this just seemed too far gone.
Well...I'll be a monkey's uncle. Look at it now!

Those plants on the left? Um yeah...tomatoes. They're like tomato trees. They're huge.
This next picture is of the birdhouse gourd. I took this picture in June. Um...I forgot that old window was even back there! Out of sight, out of mind.

Well, here is the birdhouse gourd as of about a week ago.

Um...yeah. I don't even know what to say.
Life. That's what it is. Life. And it never ceases to amaze me. It's nothing less than miraculous. And if you ever need some hope...some encouragement...some lessons on perseverance...plant a garden. It will teach more than you could ever imagine.


Sojourner said...

It's so fun to watch you grow along with your farm! Thanks for putting it all out there to share with me (us).

Love the garden! Love the chickens! Love you!

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

I just came over from Under the Big Blue Sky. I had to laugh at your chickens in the akward stage.. they do grow to be beauties. I have the same kind. Your garden looks lovely. It is such a learing experience how just when we don't think things are going very well, they seem to pull out and surprise us. I have had a few surprises (blessings) in my garden as well. Glad to have bumped into your blog :)

Sarah / Bee House Hives said...

Woops, I meant learning, not learing.. oh to proof read, something I am awful at.. until published it seems :)

Louisiana Laura said...

'A face only a mother could love", reminds me of my 6th grade school picture....
Garden & Girls are beautiful- thanks for sharing-

Kelly said...

What a transformation for all!

Anonymous said...

amazing to say the least! all due to your TLC!!!

Beegirl said...

Just catching up! Love how your garden has taken off. The smell of autumn is in the air here this morning. It's 54 degrees..

Anonymous said...

teenager chickens!

always seem to find the miracles of life in the garden.