Sunday, August 9, 2009



Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!? I'm not sure who laid it...I'm thinking it was Nellie or Sweetie. But, I don't know for sure. And really...does it matter? We got an egg! The shell is hard, it was fairly clean and I think it could pass as a Medium. I'm so excited!!


Anonymous said...


that is awesome!! it will be more yellow than a store bought egg - that is if you ever eat it!

our first egg stayed in the fridge for many days as we showed it off to anyone who came our direction.

so happy for you.

Louisiana Laura said...

The best egg ever! Congratulations! That's wonderful-

Sojourner said...

It's a beautiful egg!! (sung to the tune of U2 Beautiful Day)

Let's fry it up today,
it's a beautiful egg!


Beegirl said...

Hip HIp HOORAY!! And it had a SHELL to boot!! Lucky you!!! Whatcha gonna do with it???


(ps-dad and I fried and ate the first egg together, kind of like a toast to the ladies..)

mountainwildlife said...

Oh, so exciting! (egg-citing?- sorry!)

I remember our first egg from our girls, we felt like we had won the lottery!
Lovely hens BTW. (Just found your blog through Rhondas)

Enjoy your golden nugget!

Allison said...

Beautiful - congratulations! What did you make with it?