Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guess where we went today?

It was lots of fun.

I'll tell you more tomorrow...because I am T.I.R.E.D.

{edit: Oh...and for the record. One of the girls laid an egg right before we left! I found it when I was showing my girlfriend our chickens. And when Chris got home, he found TWO MORE! That's three in one day!! YES!}


Anonymous said...

yum! nothing better in the world than fresh eggs.

hope you didn't bring too much sand home!

Beegirl said...

Great shot of your sand castles. The feathers on top are wonderful! Congrats on the eggs! Speaking of..I need to go let the ladies out! Have a great day!!

WhiteStone said...

If your photo is a hint I'm guessing you went to the beach. As for the eggs? Once they begin, you should get a-l-most an egg a day from each hen. My Mom used to raise 200 hens each summer and we'd be washing and packing 200 eggs daily to sell in town. Their laying slowed down in the early winter, but if kept warm, they kept laying. Eventually the older ones went to the stew pot. I've been wondering what your long-range plans are for these hens. Once they get to be "pets" you'll have a hard time even considering that!

Anonymous said...

i hope your day was awesome and you didn't have to rescue any boys from the sea!

we are three to four eggs a day now. oh, people ask me about my plans for the girls - i tell them - i don't know. we are just living in the moment with them. i do know that i could never eat them.