Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you ever think in bullet points?

More often than not, my thoughts are scattered. Today is no exception. So, bullet points it is.

  • The garden is doing well. The aubergines, the peppers and the tomatoes are going full throttle. Homemade salsa here we come! But, I ended up removing the 8Ball zucchini. It was a little sad...but I think since I harvested about 8 or so beautiful zucchini I didn't feel as bad that it had to go.
  • The chickens EACH laid an egg yesterday! We got FOUR IN ONE DAY! That's a first.
  • I have been asked to be a part of an art/craft boutique in December with some ladies from church. I am looking forward to the excuse...um..I mean...opportunity to make some stuff. I have been dying for some creative action around here. The blog is creative. And taking pictures is creative. But sometimes I just need to have paint in my hair or glue on my fingers or little bits of thread and fabric stuck to the butt of my sweats. You know waht I'm sayin'?! I have three pages of ideas and rough sketches of the things I'm going to make (all in bullet points, too!) so now I just need to make them a reality. Oh..yeah...and I need to make sure my sewing machine still works!
  • Laundry. Need I say more?
  • Grocery shopping. Dangit.
  • Work at 1:30. Off at 5:30.
  • Dust. Need to. Badly.
  • Garage sale. Can I please get this done before the weather turns on us? Please?
  • Winter garden. Yes. Maybe?
  • Canning. I need to can more beans...and I'd love to add some tomatoes and salsa to my repertoire...and of course, we need (yes NEED) more strawberry jam. That stuff doesn't last long around here so I need to make sure I make enough for winter. (I'm also thinking of having some for sale at the boutique...)
  • Preserving. I would like to freeze some corn...and some green beans...and possibly some squash purees. I would have to buy all of this fresh goodness from the local stand...which takes away from it in some ways. It would be so much more satisfying to be canning and preserving food that we've grown ourselves...or even traded with others...but...not yet. Someday! Do you hear me? Some DAY.
  • Life is good.


Anonymous said...

that was great. yes, my life is a bullet point. one minute i am writing up a personal training plan and the next minute i am making granola. then, i take a picture of the chickens and next, i am loading the dishwasher.

can you say - FOCUS! I am really trying to work on focusing on one thing. It is just that my mind is all over the place : )

Nancy said...

Hate #7, Love #12.

Tammy James said...

Yes I often think in point for and totally understand that while creative, blogging and taking photos just aren't the same as textile, colour, paper, glue, paint etc ...

Kelly said...

Great bullets! I am in the same place as you with the preserving, if I were to do anything else it would be from purchased produce.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

You're absolutely right - life is good!

Beegirl said...

• #7 - me too. Pile is growing in the basement.
• Bullets. I love bullets.
• Have a great day..
• : )

Hannah said...

mm....do you freeze your squash purees? what do you do with them? soup?
I'd love to know! I have quite a few yellow summer squash in my fridge that I NEED to do something with soon!

Anonymous said...

wow! can i just say wow! i don't think i could accomplish that much ever!

i'm totally with dmoms! all over the place!

you busy busy lady, glad to see you are getting the most of your garden, i am writing this all down for next year! beautiful aubergines!

Michelle said...

dmoms...I am so ADD...I am just like you, it's a wonder I can get antyhing done at all!

Hannah...squash puree is great for soup. Ina Garten has a great butternut and pumpkin soup that I love to make in the winter.

underthebigbluesky...thank you. And now let me clarify...it looks good on paper...if you know what I mean...ahem. xo

pinkpeppercorns said...

How do you cook eggplant so that it isn't totally gross?

Have you ever had dilly beans? Yummers. Sort of spicy. I know you like spicy. Have you attempted kimchi yet? ;)

It sort of reads like you're going to make laundry for the craft fair. *snort*