Saturday, August 22, 2009

How do you say spider in French?

Can you see that little guy? I was trying to get photos of the aubergine flowers and that little spider caught me by surprise.
I'm not a spider person. At all. I'm not really a bug person. Good bugs are OK...lady bugs, praying mantis, bees, dragon fly's...but even still, I don't want them ON me. I'm kind of a wuss in that area. (Beekeeping this a bad sign?)
Years ago I went on a field trip with the boys to a bug museum at UC Davis. They had walking sticks and those giant Madagascar FLYING cock roaches. Oh my gosh...just thinking about those big ol' things makes my skin crawl. Flying? Really? I mean, it's not bad enough that they crawl?! Gross. Yuck. No thank you. And do you know that some of the kids were holding them? My SON being one of them?! Oh man...I wanted to tell him NO so badly. But...I didn't want to impose my fear and disgust on him. If he felt curious and brave enough to hold a big disgusting bug, go for it. Just keep it away from me!

But, as you can see, this little spider is far from big or flying. And it was really just minding it's own business and eating little bugs off my future aubergines. I am thinking that these are going to be white. Do you believe that I forgot what I planted? And then when I moved them a few weeks back I lost the tag. So...they will be a surprise! But I'm thinking white because the flowers are white. And by deduction, since the little lavender aubergine had lavender flowers, I'm thinking the white flower will be a white aubergine. So, we'll see. (And can I just say it's not as easy to type aubergine as it is to type eggplant? My mind doesn't think in French! I did take it in high school...but I pretty much just know how to ask where the bathroom is..."Excusez moi. Ou et le bain? Merci. Au revoir!" Madame McNamara would be proud.)'s Saturday. And we've got baseball games later. Seth plays tournament ball that goes well beyond the normal baseball season. We're crazy, I know. I could be so done with baseball season...but since I live with three males, extended season it is. Off to wash piles of baseball pants and make sure we have plenty of Gatorade!


Anonymous said...

i can do spiders but no snakes.

happy baseball day to you!

ms lottie said...

In Maori (indigenous language of New Zealand), spider is pungawerewere, pronounced poo-nga-where-ree-where-ree but you have to kinda roll your r's. Sounds nicer than spider!

pinkpeppercorns said...

Reminds me of the time my daughter and I (and our cat) moved from here to Seattle. We made a pit stop for gas at some wee hour of the morning in some outback place in Utah. You could NOT take a step without stepping on a STINK BUG. It was so darned creepy.

And, sadly, yeah, when I checked out from the library a book on beekeeping, it pretty much said that if you get the willies around bugs, you'd better find a hobby other than beekeeping.