Monday, August 3, 2009

Doesn't everybody keep fresh eggs on their console?

This was a snapshot from my last trip out to my friend's farm. I took Ian and my nephew out there and we gathered a wheelbarrow full!
I don't know why but this photo cracks me up...and notice the keychain library card. Gotta keep it handy! And no, I didn't need the calculator to tally up 6 eggs. The boys were giving me multiplication problems to do in my head and they checked my answers on the calculator.
Anyway...this was the last of the free farm fresh eggs and produce. I have to say, though, it all came at a great time as our budget was very tight. It was a definite blessing.


Anonymous said...

oh, that is great! Glad that you didn't have to slam on the breaks!

your chickens should start laying any day now.

Anonymous said...

i would!

this is priceless.

i'm so glad you posted it.

Beegirl said...

Love the huge egg in the #5 position! Too funny! Love this shot!