Thursday, January 14, 2010

gentle reminders...

It's already Thursday. It's already two weeks into the New Year. Time is flying...faster and faster and faster.
I feel like I've been so busy. Meetings two evenings this week already and a third tomorrow night. Appointments with guidance counselors and financial aide consultants. Running from here to there and back again. Busy. On the go. It's life...I get that. But sometimes...every once in a needs to stop. And be quiet. And be still. And slow. I need to be quiet. And still. And slow.
Reality is, yes, I have been busy. But not any more busy than I am normally. Such is the life of a mother and wife. Right? We're all busy.
I think what's different is that my mind has been more busy. Not more than yours...or yours...or yours. Just more busy than it usually is. I am thinking so much. Too much. The wheels are turning faster than they need to...working overtime trying keep up with my thoughts. Oh...the thoughts. Work school kids church friends family chickens garden clean money bills obligations expectations desires heartaches have-tos want-tos's never-ending.
But life goes on, right? So I go about my day...doing what I have to do. Moving along on auto-pilot. And all the while my mind is just swirling...and it's messy. Very, very messy. sooner am I allowing myself to spiral into a frenzy...very softly God whispers to me: my hope is in the Lord.
I'm rushing and worrying and fretting and spiraling. And in the midst of it all I hear it: my hope is in the Lord.
So I stop what I'm doing. And I go to my journal. And I write it down: my hope is in the Lord.
Then I decide to look it up: my hope is in the Lord. And this is what I find...
Psalm 146:5-6
5 Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
whose hope is in the LORD his God,
6 the Maker of heaven and earth,
the sea, and everything in them—
the LORD, who remains faithful forever.
The emphasis is mine. Because when I looked up the words that were whispered to me, not only did I find what I was looking for. I also found a reminder...a promise from the Lord, who remains faithful forever.
Faithful to take care of me.
Faithful to help me organize my days.
Faithful to guide my steps and direct my path.
I find a reminder that there is no reason to be overwhelmed and frantic. There's no need to spin in circles...because God is faithful and my hope is in Him. And if I can just remember that...and focus on that rather than the busy-ness of's all easier to handle. It's all the same stuff...all the same responsibilities and concerns. It's just that when I hope in the Lord...and remember that He is faithful to me always...I realize that He is right here with me. That I am not going this alone. That He cares about everything I care about...if it matters to me, it matters to Him. And He's there to walk through it all with me.
Wow...amazing when you really think on that. That the awesome God of everything takes the time to consider little, whiny, fretful me. And not only does He consider me...He loves me. And taps me on the shoulder...yet again...reminding me to slow wait up...and to walk WITH Him and not ahead of Him.
It makes me breathe a deep cleansing breath just thinking about it.
Slow down. Wait up. Your hope is in Me. And I am faithful...because I love you. -love, God.


Anonymous said...

hope. I have seen that word now today on several blogs including mine. hope. my hope is in Him too.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Faithful. Its a wonderful word.
One we need now.

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

Hello there! Just catching up and seeing what you are up to today... and let you know I stopped at 4 oranges :) mandarine oranges that is :)
Life has many speeds.. I was just reading about making sure to "set up a tent" in the mist of it all for that quiet time. Sometimes it can be like setting up a tent in the middle of NY City.

Take care and I love your photo on this post.. and the dandelion too.. so pretty. I think I may have spelled dandelion wrong. When will blogger get spell check on the comments???
With love,

Wonderer said...

thank you for this beautiful post - very timely for me. :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm going to bed now and what wonderful words to think about and remember. so easy to forget.