Saturday, January 30, 2010've got some cleaning to do!

It's Saturday. And my kitchen is a MESS. It's not just a's plain ol' dirty. And I can't take it any MORE!
I am going to take everything off of the counters...fill the sink with hot soapy water...soak and scrub and shine...buff, scour and rinse. Today is the day...finally. I've been wanting to do it for a week but have just been so busy. it is.
OK...I'm goin' in! If you don't hear from me later today...send help.
What are YOU doing today? I hope it's a LOT more fun than scrubbing a kitchen!


Nancy said...

Spent this morning working in the master bath...remember that project we started months ago. Like late October. Tile was finished yesterday so we're trying to finish up the painting so we can have it in working order come Monday a.m.

Taxi-ing girls this afternoon, running errands, a nap (I hope) and dinner at 6:00 with 2 other couples and watching the KSU v. KU basketball game.

Sit down and enjoy that clean kitchen when it's done!

Anonymous said...

just got back the Barnes and Noble and Trader Joes. Now, to put all those groceries away. I email you in a little bit okay : )

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm going to admit it. I love those kind of days. I even like to dust with beeswax then stand back and gloat. Yes!
How does it look?

Kelly said...

I, like Nancy spent part of the day finishing up the master bath. I have been neglecting some grouting for a good year now....DONE! AND, AND, we wrote a hefty check for our future soapstone vanity top for said bathroom. Bye-bye plywood!

There is nothing like a good kitchen cleaning to make one feel productive!

Earth Mama said...

Haaahahaha. Guess what we did today! We pulled the refrigerator out and scrubbed the floor under, ontop, sides, ew ew ew. gross, but now its clean and it won't need to be done for another year or so. I actually think it has been more like 3 years since we did that. Hope you didn't get lost in your sudds.



Megan Wahl said...

I did the same thing yesterday... what a waste of a Saturday! We also tackeled the grimey, dusty top of the cabinets. I hope EVERYONE notices that it's no longer dusty and greasy up there-- yeah right, who even notices up there?