Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's Saturday. And it's sunny outside. And SICK. I got it...the flu, that is. Not real bad...just enough to make me feel I'm floating. My head is full...and I've got a cough. None of it horrible...but just enough to slow me down...considerably.
Because I don't feel good...and because my house is a mess...and because I have so much to do and not a lick of energy to DO it...I thought I'd just share a mosaic of some of my Flickr favorites.
As I've mentioned before...the talent found on Flickr never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful photos...beautiful handmade items...beautiful children and everywhere you look! I can get lost on Flickr! And I have.
So...I suppose I'll go try and do something. And maybe eat some Vitamin C. And see why the dog won't quit barking.



Anonymous said...

oh, feel better. stay in bed all day if you need too. how do you find all those pictures? and make the mosaic ?

Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

Oh, I hope you feel better QUICK! Take good care of yourself; remember, you've got a big week with school coming up. At least it's the weekend and hopefully you have time to just rest.

Beegirl said...

Feel better love!! Put your feet up and have some tea and toast. Sending you well wishes.. Love your mosaic!

Bloom fine art fotografi said...

Flickr love...can't live without it...beautiful collection.
Feel better soon.

Thomas said...

I love your photos Michelle. One of these day, I will get around to learning how to use my camera properly.

Like you, I have the flu this weekend as doesn't it?

Florali said...

Feel better... I hear garlic is very healing - ah oh!

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

Those flickr mosaics are my favorite. Thank you for putting one together. Fun to see your favorites.
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I would bring you some soup if I could :)