Monday, January 25, 2010


As you can see...I was almost up before the sun. I went into the kitchen to get my coffee and saw that the sky was a gorgeous pink and orange and violet...and with sleep still in my eyes, ran back to get my camera and capture the moment.
Unfortunately, I also got the top of our shed and every outbuilding of every neighbor as far as the eye can see. Ah....the loveliness of living 6 feet away from your neighbor. Oh how I wish to live in the country...with a window over my kitchen sink...preferably with a beautiful view... Someday...

So it's a good thing I took this picture...this is the only bit of sunshine we got in the last 3 days or so. This morning I woke up to the sound of rain...which actually made me feel happy. You know how I love the rain...and to hear tapping against the window? Perfect.

I have homework to do...I need to finish up my first chapter reading in preparation for tomorrow nights quiz. We have a quiz every week! Open book, though, so I think I'll be OK. It's a good thing I took only one class...the work load is pretty heavy, apparently. Well, according to two of the students I talked with at break. I didn't think it sounded like all that much...but they said it was. So...I took their word for it since it's my first term back. What do I know, right? Oh, and I have to do a Power Point presentation! I don't know HOW to do Power Point. Luckily, both of my son's they can show mom a thing or two. Too funny...I'm old.
On that note...I'm going to go finish up my reading. I need to be done tonight because I have many errands to run tomorrow. One of them being purchasing Scan tron sheets at the college book store. Scan trons? Really? Oh! That means I'll need a #2 pencil, too...oh dear. I can't forget that!
Whose idea was this, anyway....this whole going back to school thing?!


Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

Oh, my goodness! I had forgotten about scan trons! Apparently, I've forgotten quite a lot about college. I had to call my daughter's future college (next fall) and talk financial aid. Finally, I confessed it had been 20+ years and he'd have to hold our hand and walk us through this stuff. (He was so kind to an old woman like me!). And the cost! Oh, my again! It was only $4 an hour back in the good old days! Not any more. She may be working the rest of her life!

Anonymous said...

i took some of your sunshine. hope you don't mind : ) you will do great on your quiz.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Maybe a strong cup of English Breakfast Tea before the quiz?
To clear your mind. And yes, you will do very well, students,(thats you) always excell when they attend later in life, they are very consiencious! So go confidently in the direcion of your dreams.


Anonymous said...

you are a force of nature.

and just so you know. i live in the country, and i have a kitchen window............and it looks out on the garage! and that lovely field across the road from me, impossible to get a good shot without telephone wires!!!