Friday, January 1, 2010

2010. Jumping in!

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me." ~Erma Bombeck
Well, here it is. The New Year. We stayed up until midnight watching movies. Then we watched the ball drop. We hugged and kissed and wished one another a Happy New Year! And then...we went to bed because we had a LOT to do today!!
Chris went into the shop for a while. He needs to clean up a bit and finish the last little bit of a cabinet install.
Seth slept at a friend's house last night. He's still there. And probably still asleep!
Ian stayed up with us until midnight. He's been staying up late this whole he's still asleep. I think I'm going to have to start getting him back on track for school night's soon. He's going to be all out of whack!
And me? Wellll....I'm still in bed, still in my jammies and still reading blogs and browsing flickr. Flickr never ceases to amaze me...the talent of everyday average people blows me away. Amazing. And inspiring. little leisure time is about up because I have work to do today! Wanna know what I've got on my "to-do" list? Here goes:
  • Get Crock Pot going. I have a ham hock. And it's crying out to be turned into a big pot of beans. It will be nice to have dinner ready for me after my long day of working around the house.
  • Clean my closet. I need to get rid of some clothes. And some shoes. I also have to make room for some stacks that have been here and there in our room. And...I said "no more piles", they must be sorted through and whatever is left, into the closet it goes, neat and tidy on the shelf, possibly boxed or basket-ed (?) for organization's sake.
  • Clean my room. This will happen automatically by the reorganization of my teeny, tiny closet.
  • Take down Christmas tree. Honestly, this may happen tomorrow. But today would be nice if I can swing it.
  • Organize new mail center. I splurged the other night. I needed a small piece of a phone table type serve as a mail center/bill paying center. (I actually found three...and brought them all home. I ended up keeping two...because one actually worked on my side of the bed to help organize that mess.) This goes along with "no more piles". I had piles of mail...piles of bills...piles of coupons and fliers...piles, piles, PILES! This new piece of furniture is going to help eliminate long as I can refrain from piling on IT.
  • Organize eating area. Our house is small. I've mentioned this a time or seventeen. We don't have a nook...or a dining room. It's more like the end of the living area that I call an "eating area". And this area has gotten...piled up. Surprise, eh? There is one specific pile that is also going to be relocated to my closet. It's our file box of important papers. (And really, I should go through those, too, because some of them may not even be important anymore. I just thought of that....hmmm...anyway. First things first, though. Stay focused, girl.)

Because I'm crazy, I took before pictures. And unlike my haircut, I will share them. (The haircut is fine...just not a real big, dramatic change. Plus, I forgot the "before"!) I took pictures of my messy messy dining piles and piles...I did. And I'm going to share them. Because I have no shame. And I like keeping things real around here. We tend to take pictures of the good stuff. Which is wonderful. But...there's also some stuff that ain't so pretty. The good news? It CAN be with a little work and effort! So...on that's time for me to get GOING! I've got a LOT to do today...

Happy New's going to be a GOOD one!


Anonymous said...

Okay so I am getting a late start. Well, we just woke up, then Bible study. But now I will join you and Jump In! I read your goals, and I love them.

New Journeys, New Hopes, New Faith, New Victories...Happy New Year!

Erin Wallace said...

What a wonderful quote! Shouldn't that be everyone's goal? Anyhow, good luck with your to-do list - I never get them done, they frustrate me, so my husband is the keeper of the lists. Happy New Year!

Sheryl said...

call me crazy...but you are doing some of my favorite things today. i love to purge and organize! cannot stand clutter. wish i was there with you helping. although i am sure we would battle over me putting EVERYTHING in the trash.

you're off to a great start. can't wait to see the pictures.

Nancy said...

Love the quote. Also love that you're jumping right in with both feet. Thought of you last night as I was reading A Simple Choice by Deborah Taylor-Hough; there's a chapter in her book about organizing PILES! I've got purging on my list of weekend stuff too. Looking forward to your pictures.

Nancy said...

Oh, forgot to mention...there's a list of books on my blog today (again). Just in case you need something else to check out at the library :-)

Anonymous said...

your to do list is a mile long! I can't even get the laundry swapped out today. good for you. way to jump in with both feet.

Once Upon a Parent said...

I love your list and could many of them to mine. I have a love/hate with the winter. It is good because we are at home and I can get things done, but it is much harder to get out and away when we just need some wide open space. Happy new year!
Once Upon A Parent...

Amy Blogs @ River Rock Cottage said...

You GO Girl!! Can't wait to see the photos!
(I stayed in my jammies bloggin today until 11:00 AM!! I finally had to get dressed for a wedding or I'd probably have been in them all day!!)

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

I like that quote! Ahh, January beckons with the to-do's. I love doing.. putting mine off to do a little ice-fishing. Wishing you happy cleaning and organizing.. that is when I do my best thinking.

Rose Notes said...

Hi Michelle, I'm finally getting caught up looking at blog posts. Your latest are beautiful, especially the meyer lemon and dishcloth posts. Those dishcloths are so lovely-- I couldn't use them and those cups--precious. I managed to take my trees down today-- yay! It's exciting to have a new year to look forward to.
A Happy one to you and your family!

Neuroknitter said...

Happy New Year!!