Monday, June 22, 2009

Things are looking up.

Monday morning in the garden...and I have to say, "Things are looking up." Plants that were stagnant are now blooming. Plants that were once an anemic yellowish green are turning a deeper darker green each day. And plants that were once a killing ground for the earwigs are seeing less and less damage.
This little white blossom will eventually be, God willing, a purple bell pepper. Yes. Purple! I can't wait to see it...especially sliced up and in a salad!
How about this little guy? Can you tell what it is? I was so excited to see it this morning!
It's a little baby birdhouse gourd! Isn't it cute? I wasn't exactly sure how this whole "birdhouse gourd" thing was gonna go. And once the flowers started blooming I really wondered how it was all going to work. Then today I realized...duh...that it's part of the squash family so it will have male and female flowers...just like a zucchini. The male flowers die off and the females grow this little guy. Man...I just think it's so stinkin' cute!
And this beautiful yellow blossom...for a while there I never thought I'd see the day. We have had a very rough start with the zucchini plants. On a last ditch effort I transplanted this plant...and to my surprise, it seems to be working! Of course, I won't count my chicks before they're hatched. But I AM hopeful!

Isn't it so pretty? So vibrant? As you can see...the pests are still around. But not like they were! And I figure as long as they're not doing too much damage, I'm willing to share a little bit of leaf here and there. I'm reasonable...usually.
Ahhh...Sweet 100's on the vine. I harvested three of them this morning...and boy are they SWEET! And you can see the leaves of the tomato plant. See how green they're getting? They may not look that great to you...but believe me when I tell you that they look GREAT compared to a couple of weeks ago when they were a sickly yellow.

I have to say...I'm feeling hopeful again in the gardening department. No, we will not survive on what we grow. But we are learning SO MUCH this year. SO much. And if I remember correctly, I decided way back when we put it in that this year would be a learning experience. So, on a positive note, my mission has already been accomplished. The rest is just icing on the cake!


Nancy said...

Looks like a good day in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

it all looks really good. you're garden is a bit ahead of mine. love the zucchini blossom. i would say your garden looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I can't wait for mine to bloom! The pics are great!