Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now this is my kind of summer...

It is a perfect 70 degrees outside today. 70 degrees! Perfect! This kind of weather makes me happy. It makes me want to dig in the garden and hang clothes on the line. It makes me want to open all of the windows and doors and let the cool, fresh breezes waft through the house. This kind of weather makes me feel energized and ready for anything. This kind of weather...makes me grateful.
Last weekend you may remember that Chris and I hit a few yard sales. One of our treasures was this watering trough. We bought it at the last yard sale of the day...that we didn't really mean to go to. It was around the corner from our house so we thought, "Eh...let's just drive never know." And it turned out to be one of the better ones of the day.
Chris is the one who spotted it first. He pointed it out to me and I nodded in agreement. He asked the price and when they said, "Eh...ten bucks?"...we said, "SOLD!" I am thinking it will make a great"water feature". It won't be dug into the ground...that way it's portable should we move. Wouldn't it be cool with fish and a bubbler and water lilies? I think so, too!


Anonymous said...

wow, that was a steal. good find.

thank you so much for the print. I love it. how exactly did you do that?

i told my family it was from my bloggy friend : )

Beegirl said...

GET OUT!!! I would have soooo grabbed this too! Awesome find! Can't wait to see what you do with it~

Koningskind said...

Wow, that is soooo nice.
I love it!

Nancy said...

A treasure indeed. I liked the fact that your hubby spotted it. Good for him. And you.

Anonymous said...


whatever you do, i'm sure it will be lovely.