Monday, June 29, 2009

My babies are growing up.

I've been posting so many garden and food photos I thought I'd change things up and share a bit about "the girls".
A while back, Chris had trimmed a branch off of our unhealthy cherry plum tree. It was the perfect diameter for the chickens big ol' feet to cling to so he installed it in the coop for them. It turns out they LOVE their new perch! (Do chickens really love anything? Not sure...but if they did, it would definitely be this perch!)
Each morning, as the sun comes up, they work their way out of the hen house, one by one. They pop their little heads out the door to make sure it really is morning then hop out onto the ladder and work their way over to their perch. They sit together a while until it warms up a bit.

This is Libby. Up close and personal. I have to say...she's a bit of a ham. Whenever I have the camera out she seems to be the one who wants to run up and check things out.

"Is this my good side?"

She acts like she's interested in the know, the lens...the strap (which apparently is somewhat tasty if you're a chicken)'s all just so intriguing. Yeah right. We all know she's just a camera hog!

"Or this side? Is my double chin showing?"
All in all the chickens are doing great. They are healthy and happy and they all get along with each other. They peck and scratch. They take dust baths in the empty raised bed. They lay on the deck and spread their legs and wings to soak up all of that glorious sunshine. I imagine they're taking in tons of Vitamin D to make those fresh eggs extra healthy!
Speaking of eggs: No, they haven't laid any yet. I'm thinking we'll get our first egg around the end of August or beginning of September. But that doesn't stop me from going up to their coop and saying, "Hurry up and lay an egg!!"
I have to say...chickens are NOT good listeners.


Anonymous said...

ok, our chickens could not be more alike. They even look alike! I keep waiting (and even looking) for our first egg. YES, my lie on the deck like they are sunning themselves as well. too funny.

Nancy said...

Love the 'girly' captions with the photos....just like us isn't it?

Beegirl said...

Hellllooooo ladies!! The eggs will come. My dad used to give the girls a pep talk every morning until the started laying. Yea for chickens!!