Monday, June 8, 2009

Scattered. And a reality check.

That's me today...scattered. Thoughts are all over the place. On Mondays I always feel like I need time to gather my thoughts. Weekends are usually a blur of activity that leave me winded. And even though we didn't have much planned over the ended up busy, anyway!

So, laundry is piled again...and always. The house is messy. And to add to it all, the schedule is off kilter due to minimum days this week before summer vacation. School is out on Thursday...and I'm not ready! Summer is here. Whether I like it or not!

Summer vacation means the need to fill time for two teen/tween boys. The days of playing in the sprinklers and finger painting and bug-collecting are over. So I've got to get even more creative to find ways to occupy some of our time. They can find things to do on their own, of course. They're big boys. And creative boys. I'm just trying to head off some of the "I'm bored" conversations! I want to be armed and ready with something other than a chore list! (Which will also be a part of our summer...but I'm trying to focus on the positive...ahem.)

Some of the things the boys and I will do this summer are:
    • FREE movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    • swim at the community pool
    • enjoy free books, DVD's, magazines and a/c at the library
    • picnic at the beach (less than an hour away from us!)
    • visit local museums
    • visit the Vivarium in Berkeley then head to Blondie's for a slice of pizza
    • Six Flags Marine World
    • spend some fun days with Grammy!

And we're headed to a friend's cabin for 4 or 5 days at the end of the month. And Seth is going to music camp at the end of summer. And we're going to see The Lion King this month courtesy of my parent's. And honestly, due to the school district calendar and scheduling, the summer is shorter than usual. So even though I'm getting a little worked up about it all...the reality is that this summer is going to FLY by. And before I know it my oldest will be in HIGH SCHOOL and my youngest will be a 6th year away from entering middle school.

Now that is what I'm not ready for. So instead of dreading this summer...what I need to do is enjoy the company of my boys, attitudes and all, because before I know it, they'll be leaving the nest. Nothing like bullet points to put it all in perspective, eh?


Nancy said...

Looks to me like you've just created your own summer 'bucket list.' Good for you! You've got some great activities planned; wish I could come along with you.

And yes, the years move all too quickly. We need to remember to enjoy each and every day with them.

Anonymous said...

I agree as they get older, it is harder to keep them occupied but not busy. your list sounds very doable and just right. my kids are out of school on Friday.

Anonymous said...

These sound like lovely ways to spend the summer. =)

Beegirl said...

Love your summer fun list! Sounds perfect to me! You are making me think I need to do one myself...