Friday, June 19, 2009


Things are looking up in the garden. The sun it out. The weather is warm (hot!). All good signs for the vegetables.
I harvested this colander full of gorgeous lettuce the other day. It's growing like crazy and I want to make sure I use it all up before the weather gets too hot and it bolts it's way to bitterness.
Of course, you can't harvest all of this beautiful green lettuce without taking some photos! I don't know why...but the more I do it, the more I LOVE taking photos of food. It's either really creative...or really pathetic! Either's fun. And challenging.
And vegetables don't goof off or refuse to smile or blink right as you snap the photo or stick their tongues out or do "rabbit ears" over each others' shoulders. Vegetables are way more cooperative. And they taste good.
This summer is all about growth. In the garden. And in me.


Nancy said...

I can almost taste that beautiful lettuce...mmmm. Like you, I enjoy taking photos of food. I get plenty of eye rolls from the other family members. They think I'm some kind of a food freak.

Elaine said...

The lettuce is gorgeous! Just like your heart!