Thursday, June 11, 2009

How did we forget that?

June 1 was our wedding anniversary. And June 1 came and went just like it was any other day. Somehow my husband and I BOTH forgot our anniversary. Just FORGOT it! Both of us!
On the evening of the 2nd my husband said, "Is tomorrow our anniversary?" And I just looked at him, gasped with my mouth hanging open and said, "Oh my It was yesterday." We couldn't believe it. How had we forgotten that?! Was our marriage in the pits? Were we doomed? Was this the end? Hardly. But it did make us feel bad. How did we DO that?
Well, on Friday my husband took Ian to his guitar lesson. And when they got home he had this with him. A lovely floral arrangement...simple and beautiful...and yes, better late than never.
As I was taking pictures of my beautiful arrangement to share with you all I noticed that the photo of me and my grandmother at our wedding was in the background. This is one of my favorite photos in the whole world. We were trying to be really serious and take photos of the generations...Noni, me, my mom, my aunt was in a few... Well, Noni had macular (sp?)degeneration so she had a hard time seeing. As we're posing she reached up to grab my hand but bumped my boob instead! We started laughing...and couldn't stop! It was hysterical...and a moment I'll never forget. Thank you to my friend Susie who caught it all on film.
Man, I miss my Noni.
As for Chris and I? It's all good. Our marriage is stronger than ever. And next year, I'll try not to forget again!


Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary!

Luckily you BOTH forgot! ha. You two!

What a cute pic of sweet.

Nancy said...

Like Sojourner said, lucky you both forgot. No one had to feel guilty.

Love the photo.

Wren said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary. Love that Noni is smiling on you in the background..

Anonymous said...

too funny. this will give you something to laugh at for years to come.

A Triumverate said...

thinking that it's a testament to your marriage that everyday is special, so it's not such a huge deal for your anniversary.


and your Noni sounds like she was one to remember.

Unknown said...

Man, I miss our Noni too.