Thursday, June 4, 2009

You know you're a crazy yo-yo when...

Memorial Day weekend means the same thing for us year after year....the carnival is coming to town. And if the carnival is coming to are hand-dipped corn dogs and cotton candy and shaved ice and rides that make you spin until you throw up your scrambled eggs. Or make you realize...finally...that you are just too dang old to ride these stupid things anymore!
For some reason...probably because I'm a really nice mom...we ended up at the carnival twice. Or maybe it was because we went Sunday evening and it was 40 below and we needed to seek warmth but still had a million dollars worth of tickets left. Whatever the reason...the boys and I ended up back at the carnival on the last day.
See those two sweet, innocent boys flying through the air hanging by little tiny threads of so-called chain? Um, yeah...those are MY boys. There they are...flying near the tree tops, having a great time. Loving life. And do you know where I am? Sitting on a bench, trying to find a bit of shade and doing my best not to have a major anxiety attack right there in the middle of the park. Why do I let my kids go on these things?
How about this one? See that little red cage? My boys are IN that cage. IN it...being flung and tossed and spun...this way and that way...and loving every minute of it!
And where am I? Securely on the ground. Feet firmly planted. Safe and secure as I put my children's lives in the hands of a man with about 4 teeth. And a suspected drug problem. But I don't want to make assumptions. But...well...anyway.

Crazy. That's me. Because I allowed my kids on these stinkin' rides. Don't they know how dangerous they are? Don't they know what risks they are taking? Yes. I think they do. And if I remember correctly, that's the fun of it.
I used to ride those rides...over and over and over again. And I still love a good roller coaster here and there. But..ever since I tuned 35 I can no longer do the spinny rides. No thank you. They do NOT agree with me. Or I with them. It's a mutual thing.

Plus, carnivals are in our blood. My grandfather used to travel with the carnival. But he had all of his teeth. He was actually one of the owners. He owned a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a snack shack (that my dad used to work in during summers and to this day will not eat a corn dog!), and a picture booth. How cool is that? I have a picture of my grandmother and my aunt from that picture booth. My grandfather carried it in his wallet until the day he died 8 years ago. My grandmother and aunt had since passed years ago...yet he carried it in his wallet all those years. Sweet. And now I have that picture...tucked in my little red bible with my name engraved on the cover.
I may be a crazy yo-yo...but I come by it honestly.


Nancy said...

Loved the story about your grandfather and the carnival. So cool. I'd love it if you'd be able to share that photo of your grandmother and aunt.

We have a carnival that comes to our town every year over the July 4the holiday. We've lived here for 17 years and never missed it. Our kids won't allow it. It's a family tradition. There's one ride that I do with my girls each year. Yes, still. But that's it and then I get myself a funnel cake and call it good.

This post reminded me of a book I've read; Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Have you read it? It's about the traveling circus.

Anonymous said...

What a great story about your grandfather.

I hate the carnival but we will go to the fair this year so my youngest can ride those crazy rides.

Like you I like my feet on the ground. I figure I know how much I hate that scared anxious feeling, why in the world would someone PURPOSEFULLY make themselves feel that way.

But you got great shots and just looking at them makes you want to join in the fun.

I let my girls fill up on junky snacks, but refuse cotton candy.

My mom used to never let us get cotton candy because she looked at all those people around us, like your ride operator, and say, cotton candy is sticky and germs STICK to it.

Anonymous said...

Those rides scare me. Yet I loved your story though.