Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dare I jump on the Thrifty Thursday bandwagon?

I stopped by the thrift store today on my way to the library to pick up my books on hold..Julie and Julia and The Home Creamery. I saw a round table out front that caught my eye and that I thought might fit into my eating area better than the rectangular one I've got now. I mean, the rectangular one fits fine...but I want to add a small buffet for extra storage and to be used as a bill paying center. So I need a smaller table. Or should I say I want a smaller table? It's not a need. But it sure would make life easier and a bit more organized should I be lucky enough to find one.

Anyway...the table was a bit more money than I want to spend. But while I was there I decided to go in and check out the FREE book shelf. I rarely find anything that I can't live without...mainly because I run out of patience looking through all of the titles. They're not in any kind of you just have to look carefully and closely. This requires patience...and focus. Two things that I don't have much of!

However, today I happened upon two books that would fit quite nicely into my collection: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver and Christmas Joy by Susan Branch.
I've been wanting to read Kingsolver's book for over a year now...ever since I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. That book made me an instant fan of hers. And it changed my life. I see it all the time in thrift shops and the used book store. But...I guess it's never fit into my budget!
Christmas Joy by Susan Branch was a must-have. And honestly I would have paid for this one. Years ago my aunt gave me one of Branch's beautifully illustrated cookbooks, Vineyard Seasons, and I just loved it. Then a few years later...she gave me another, The Summer Book. And then I found one at the thrift store a while back, Autumn. And now...this one. I had to have it since Susan Branch cookbooks are obviously becoming a "collection".
These finds made me happy. Not to mention my sweet friend, Francine, who works at the thrift store shared half of her yummy, gigantic oatmeal cookie with me! Bonus!
Oh...and if I can't stop thinking about the table, I'll go back tomorrow and if it's still there...possibly consider it meant to be...for ME.


Nancy said...

I'd say the books are both great finds. And for free? You can't beat that.

We have a rectangle table in our kitchen now. Used to be in the dining room which we redid and it's now a hearth room (tv, lounge chairs, etc.). We used to have a round table in the kitchen that is now in the basement as a game table for the girls which they don't use very often. I've been thinking of bringing it back to the kitchen because it gives us more room. Oh the decisions one must make. Let me know about that table....

Anonymous said...

The Poisonwood Bible is in my top five of all time. I read it at the beach in a weekend because I couldn't put it down. It was my first by her.

You've got great taste in books!

Michelle said...

I just picked up The Poisonwood Bible for $1 at a lawn sale for charity. I can't wait to start it. My Dad was in the Congo in the 60s and I'm fascinated with the area.

Wren said...

Isn't Susan Branch wonderful? I also love a british journal artist named Sara Midda. Her South of France sketchbook is wonderful. She also has one of garden sketches. Congrats on your thrift finds!

PS-I made my blog banner from one of the pages out of my sketchbook. Things have been so busy around here I haven't been sketching much lately.. Missing my journal. Thanks for your kind complement!!

Unknown said...

Did you like the Home Creamery? I was disappointed with it. Being a Storey guide I thought it would deal more with raw milk recipes.