Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happiness is...

...chickens in my backyard.
...four teenage boys (and one 'tween!) in my car on the way to baseball practice last night.
...a little bit of rain this morning.
...a quiet house.
...a cup of coffee.
...quiet time with the Lord.
...healthy kids.
...good marriage with my sweet hubby.
...endless possibilities.
...the anticipation of canning with my mom this summer.
...business looking up.
...cool breezy mornings.
...hanging laundry to dry.
...kindred spirits.
What's making YOU happy today?
I've been wanting to do a giveaway for some time now...I think I'll try it today! Leave a comment, letting me know what's making YOU happy today and be entered into a drawing to win an original lino cut made by yours truly. This is open to anyone and everyone...even if you've never commented before. I'd love to hear from you!
**Giveaway will be on Friday...name will be drawn randomly.**


Elaine said...

...vacation days.
...high school graduations.
...watching boys grow to men.
...a quiet house.
...warm sun on my skin.
...sweaty brow at the top of a mountain ridge.
...photographing people, seeing their spirit shine through.
...peace in my heart.
...knowing the best is yet to come.

PS-...winning an original lino.

Nancy said...

Nice photo of the girls. Like your list too.

Here's my happy list for this week:
* summer
* celebrating family birthdays
* a stocked pantry & fridge
* money in the bank
* bills paid
* quiet time on the deck
* having dinner with my family
* blooming flowers

Koningskind said...

- my children fighting each other with supersoakers.
- the sun shining
- my husband giving me the opportunity to sleap a little longer as normal.
- just feeling happy after a tough period in my life
- a postcard from my friend
- knowing my Father is greater then every dark period ever can be.
- celebrating my husband's birthday

Anonymous said...

you know what is making me happy today : ) I believe I have only 13 days left.

Lisa Gallup said...

What's making me happy today is enjoying my son being home from college. :D

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Sunshine, waiting for chicks to hatch, reading to my kids, fans, getting to meet our baby in one week or less...

Wren said...

Wonderful post! You are so right!

Just read your comment over at 'this is my life"...so I'll have to say...

I am thankful for the bees, the chickens, our little piece of heaven here on the suburban homestead, for my parents who started it all 40 years ago and are still going strong, and for my loving husband who (too) helps and supports all my crazy ideas!! I am also thankful he said no..to the goat. : ) You are so right - he needs a hug. Thanks!!

Momma T said...

Today Happiness was:
-Singing to God
-Hearing just the right song on the radio
-Supporting friends
-Watching my children and students find more strengths and talents
-Having my teen and tween sons come find me in the house just to be near
-Knowing my mom is proud of me as a mom

pinkpeppercorns said...

Happiness today is ...

- Getting a text message from my sister saying that the Codymeister wants to visit GRANDMA MASSACHUSETTS! Now! Where's his packpack?!

- Having a sister.

- Having a car that starts.

- Greenery in the yard.

- Greenery in the neglected garden plot.

- Making a grocery store list and knowing I can get most of it.

- Finding the perfect birthday card for Mom.

- Having the dishes all washed.

- Knowing tomorrow is Farmers' Market day.

Should I go on? :)