Monday, June 1, 2009

Making adjustments.

This lonely, beautiful little radish is the only edible one I got from my garden. The ONLY one.
I'm glad I captured it on film. It's proof that I can do this, dangit.
As you know, I've been struggling with this whole urban homestead thing as of late. The chickens are attracting flies at alarming rates. The earwigs are moving in and taking over and eating everything in sight. And in the last couple of weeks the vegetables in our recycled raised beds have turned an anemic pale greenish yellow and their growth stunted.
My first reaction was to panic. So I did that a bit.
My second reaction was to get mad and frustrated and throw in the towel. So I did that...a little longer than necessary. But sometimes it just feels good to have pity parties. I'm working in it though...I am.
Then, I had no more reactions. I was at a loss. And a standstill. Until Saturday. On Saturday I visited a friend and her husband and after talking shop...or should I say, garden...a light bulb went off in my head and I had an idea.
But I'll have to tell you about it in another post...because lunches need to be made, kids need to get to school and friends need to meet me for 30 minutes! And I'm still in my jammies!
More later...and pics, too!


WhiteStone said...

Radishes always disappoint. LOL. Perhaps it is the soil, or the dryness, or whatever. But in a row of radishes, only about 1 out of 5 plants in my garden produce edible radishes. Sigh. But, hey! Today we ate our first strawberries.

Nancy said...

Ok. Go tend to your duties. I'll be back later to check on you.

And, how was that first day of work last week?

Kimberly said...

My first round of veggies have ended up with two swiss chard sprouts. None of the lettuce, radishes or anything else I tuck in did anything. So, I reseeded and moved the container. As far as the main garden, it was just tilled last night. Can we say late start?!! Too much rain has wrecked all our plans so far. BUT--I'll be busy planting during naptime today!