Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All you need is love. And water. And sun. And Diatomaceous Earth.

Nasturtiums growing beneath the birdhouse gourds. The support is an old ladder from a play structure.
I don't suppose we could survive on nasturtiums and birdhouse gourds? Oh, and lettuce. Lots and lots of lettuce. I went out to the garden yesterday and calculated...if we had to live on what I was able to grow this year, yesterday's sustenance would have been: (1) snap pea, (2) cherry tomatoes, and as much lettuce as your heart could desire. All this to fill four people's bellies.
Can you say "hungry"? How about "weight loss"? (Which may not be a bad thing for moi...but the kids gotta eat!)
And what to do for protein? Earwig stew? Ewww...gross...I actually just grossed myself out even though Chris and I talked about it the other day. Even thinking we could add pecans to the mix to jazz things up a bit considering part of the reason the garden is struggling is because there's too much shade from our gargantuan pecan tree. But as time goes on...and the garden continues to struggle...and I continue to battle defeat....I think of the words my son said:
"Mom. I think the difference between this year and last year is 'love'. Last year...you planted the garden with love. This year? You planted it with 'you better give me food!'"
Hmmm....he may be on to something.


Beegirl said...

Too funny!! I think I planted this year with a little more love than last year. LOVING my bees...although, we've had some talks about honey!

Nancy said...

Oh, I laughed out loud. Love your son's perspective. Kids have a tendency to hit the nail on the head so to speak, don't they?

Anonymous said...

maybe you should stop reading the Path to Freedom blog : ) just a thought. hang in there. live, laugh and love!!

Michelle said...

Beegirl...and it SHOWS!

Nancy...my son hit the nail EXACTLY on the head. Talk about conviction!

dmoms...you may be on to something. On the one hand...they're extremely inspiring. On the other...extremely depressing! ha!

Sojourner said...

Ah the wise little one's words do have a ring....

I'll step away from the earwig stew, but thanks for the gross out!


PS....did I hear you say Pecans?