Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A different point of view.

This photo was taken while standing along the western side of my house.
My goal was to try and get a photo of the birdhouse gourds and the nasturtiums. This is my favorite little spot in the garden...but a good photo of how it really looks eludes me. The birdhouse gourd is climbing up an old swing set ladder and the nasturtiums below it just seem to me to be the perfect little compliment.
If you click on this photo it will take you directly to my Flickr account. And then, if you move your cursor over this photo you will be able to see some little notes about what's what. If you want to...you know...no pressure. (I just learned how to make the little notes...kinda fun. As far as technology is concerned I'm a bit slow ...)
The last couple of days have been packed full of baseball, baseball, baseball. Both of my boys were chosen to be All-Stars in their age groups. So between games for Seth (13) and practices for Ian (11) we have been running from ball field to ball field. And let's not forget...California valley weather over the past couple of days has been triple digits. And I don't just mean 100...101...we're talking TRIPLE DIGITS. On Sunday when Seth played it was 116 when we got back to the car at around 4 or so. ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN DEGREES. Hot. We should have bought stock in Gatorade...at one point I really thought I could feel the electrolytes pulsing through my veins! We were really worried about the boys...out there in the boiling sun with dark jerseys on....but they were great. Probably because Jennifer, Ben's mom, brought an Igloo full of ice water and wash cloths for the boys to put on their heads and necks...is that not brilliant?! I told her she was a genius. Such good thinking.
So today is no different. Seth has his 4th game tonight in a city about 30 minutes away at 7pm. Ian has practice here in town from 6-8. Luckily, my mom is going to pick Ian up and keep him overnight. It helps us AND Ian gets a sleep over at Grammy's house! (Thanks Mom!)
Until then we're going to try and stay cool. Our local movie theater has FREE movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We're going to go pick up my nephew and then we'll all head to a movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth. We'll buy a refillable popcorn and a drink or two and we'll eat the candy I already bought at the Dollar Store. So for about $20 or so, four of us can enjoy a movie and some snacks and stay cool for a couple of hours. Not bad!
Oh, and wish us luck tonight! We want to WIN!


Nancy said...

It's been hot here too. Triple digits like you. We did get a reprieve from triple digits on Sunday. Suprisingly, 95 is cool.

Good luck. Hope you win!

Anonymous said...

oh, that is too hot for me. We would be miserable. I hope it cools down. Wow. perhaps global warming is true after all : )

Beegirl said...

Tripple digits? It is only 50 degrees here this morning. Your garden looks lovely and I am so eyeing up that tub!! Luck to the team..