Friday, May 29, 2009

What a mess! Or (I love parentheses)

I currently have 18 books checked out of the library. And I just got an email (I switched from phone calls to email for notification of Hold books arriving) that one more of my Holds is in. Yes. (Said in true Napoleon Dynamite form.)
This is my nightstand.
I took this photo the other morning...hence the coffee cup. What a mess, eh? Wow. And am I high-maintenance or what? Lotion and lip balm and Mentholatum (hey...give me a's very soothing for migraines...just a dab under your nostrils and it's instant relief. And when a migraine strikes the last thing you feel like doing is rummaging through the medicine cabinet. So...on the nightstand it is!). High-maintenance AND a pack-rat...bookmarks and paper weights and notepads and pens...stacks of books, my own and library books. And of course...the fan remote. Gotta have the fan remote.
I always think I'm so low-maintenance...
I don't color my hair. (Yet. That gray is really creeping up on me, though. And the grays don't just lay flat and nice and pretty. They boing out like a corkscrew. Unruly I tell you.)
I don't get my nails done. (I do them at home, actually. Isn't that frugal of me? I'm just always looking for ways to cut costs and be a better steward of our finances. I mean I am just... What? What's my technique you ask? bite them. What? That doesn't count? Whatever.)
I shop clearance racks and discount stores and thrift stores and yard sales. (95% of the time).
We have a small, modest home. (With dreams of country property someday...*sigh*)
Low-maintenance I tell you. the looks of that nightstand? Needy. And high-maintenance. And don't get me started on going for drives and motion sickness. Oh about needy. Cold water and full stomach and fresh air and the seat adjusted at the just the right height and inclination....sheesh. I'm worn out just thinking about it all. I don't know HOW my husband lives with me! I need to give him a hug...
I had written a post about my nightstand a few months back....implying that to look at someones nightstand would tell you about them as a person. But I they were interested in...and what they were filling their mind with...and what they liked to do in their spare time. You know...the GOOD stuff.
I didn't realize that while, yes, you would learn all of those good and interesting things about a would also learn of their neuroses!
*Note to self: watch for a good deal on a nightstand with a drawer.


Anonymous said...

i'm usually so tired by the time I hit my bed that I barely notice what is on my night stand.

i do use my daughters princess clock though to wake me up. I should take a pic of that !

Nancy said...

My nightstand is full. Of books. So full in fact that a stack of books has started to accumulate on the floor in front of the nightstand. There's barely room for my alarm clock and lamp.

Sojourner said...

I love the nightstand.

I've lived the car travel blues first hand. (Husband deserves hug)

I don't think you're that high maintenance. Maybe moderate maintenance. The low side of moderate.....

High side of lovable.

pinkpeppercorns said...

I've never before known anyone to use parentheses as much as I do. :) I like semi-colons, too.

Your nightstand looks like every available (or unavailable) table space in my apartment. heh The positioning of the pen on the book (so that one end meets the little white sticker on the book) at first looked to me like a razor. I sort of wondered what you were doing with a razor on your stack of books on the nightstand--did you shave your legs in bed? heh

Anonymous said...

i brought no nightstand into my new bedroom hoping to escape the clutter. now the masses of library books and magazines, feel free to procreate by the side of my bed.

Beegirl said...

Love this post! I was thinking of posting the same thing yesterday! My night stand is full too! Beekeeping, homesteading, thrift store reads .. Making me feel better I am not alone! Love your blog!! Adding you to follow... : )