Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter garden?

I went out to the garden yesterday to water and see if anything was happening. It took a while...but I finally found a bit of action!
This little guy is a baby swiss chard. I think. I hope. a pea sprout. Can you see it? That little yellowish thing in the middle of the photo?
I probably planted 30 seeds...and I think about 5 or 6 have sprouted. So far. I'm remaining hopeful.
This next photo is our deck. Remember when I was talking about how rigged up our backyard is because of the chickens insistence on breaking into the garden?
The figured out they could hop down from in between the deck rails and into the garden. Sneaky birds. First all it took was that slat of wood. Then it became the wire trellis. Then...when they realized that they could hop on top of the hose reel box up went the tomato cage on the left. Notice how nicely it's propped up with the hoe handle? This is custom at its finest.
All this to protect about 12 little seedlings that probably aren't even going to mature! We'll see. The fingers are crossed.


Unknown said...

Oh, I hope your seedlings make it! What zone are you?

Anonymous said...

so cool. I believe mine have drowned. it rained real hard for several days after I planted my few seeds. oh, well.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Hi Comtesse...I hope they make it, too! I'm Zone about you?'s been threatening to rain here for days. Too bad we couldn't share!

Wren said...

Caught the girls eyeing up the lettuce in the cold frames yesterday when they were out. Thank heavens they couldn't peck through the glass!

It's me ...Mavis said...

I LOVE IT when the seedlings start to pop up :)

Nancy said...

Seeing seedlings is so exciting. Promise/Hope of what is yet to come. I hope they make it.