Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday night.

That was a long week of vacation. Not long in a bad way...just...long. Lots going on around here...but I am so tired. This calls for bullet-points.
  • The boys are back to school tomorrow.
  • Chris and I are going to be completely moved out of the old shop by Tuesday.
  • Then the work begins organizing the NEW shop. Oy.
  • The craft boutique is this Friday and Saturday. I'm not even close to being ready.
  • For some reason, Christmas music isn't pushing me over the edge this year.
  • Family decided to just focus on the kids for Christmas. This is a HUGE relief.
  • Winter garden is not doing so hot. Only the peas sprouted...and aren't really growing. I think I missed my winter planting window.
  • We had frozen corn dogs for dinner. Yep.
  • Chickens are averaging two eggs a day even in the cold weather.

That's all I got. More tomorrow...when I'm coherent!


Anonymous said...

hope you slept well. kids back in school today is a good thing!

Nancy said...

Hope you wake feeling refreshed. It's a new day, a new week, a new season. Start anew.
Don't worry about the corndogs. I bought chicken tenders & french fries at the store this weekend. A mom has to have one or two 'no thinking required' meals in her arsenal!