Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My first CSA box...

When I walked out the door to take Ian to school this morning I was surprised to see my CSA order had been delivered. Nice! It was just what I needed to give me a hopeful boost for the day...a box full of beauty in the midst of the chaos.
I immediately ran for my camera. Isn't that what everyone does when the CSA arrives?
As you can see, the box was full of fresh, local, organic goodness. Inside was kale (now's my chance to have a crack at this!)...red onions...mandarins...apples (that look beautiful)...new potatoes...a head of romaine...a bouquet of parsley...and a beautiful butternut squash. So exciting.
Originally I thought I was going to receive some leeks, also. And I even made plans to USE said leeks on Friday. I was going to take them to my aunt's house so she could show me how to make potato leek soup. But...now...I'm thinking I'm buying some leeks. Darn.
I am so pleased with everything I received. I love butternut squash and use Ina Garten's recipe for Pumpkin Squash soup...it is so yummy. And easy. Mmmm...I can't wait to make it! The new potatoes will be roasted with red onion and fresh parsley...maybe a bit of rosemary. The apple and mandarins will be eaten raw...perfect. Romaine...Caesar salad, of course. And the kale...well, I'm not quite sure. I think this new addition to my diet will require a visit to recipezaar.com. I'm having a feeling I may be the only one liking the greens...but we'll see.
I'll let you know what I come up! And if you have any recipes you'd like to share please do! I am always open to a new recipe!


Anonymous said...

awesome. I suggest throwing that kale along with a banana, some almond milk, blue berries, a drop of honey into your blender. You can put anything in actually. Kale will cook down much like spinach too.

The Cottage Comtesse said...

Wonderful! That looks very similar to what I received on Saturday from Abundant Harvest Organics - minus the mandarine oranges. I got some persimmons though. Enjoy!

Nancy said...

Lovely. I would be thrilled to find such a box on my doorstep. Kale...saute like you would spinach with minced garlic, olive oil and season with salt & pepper.

Elaine said...

I used to have that same delivery. I won a trial to it a few years ago at work. It was fantastic. It was too hard for 2 to eat all the yummy stuff, so we didn't continue. You will really enjoy that!


Anonymous said...

this comment is from the girl who arranged all her items from the farmer's market on the front porch step this summer to photo, remember???

it looks lovely. haven't invested in a csa yet, because it would require new recipe hunting, but we are slated to local milk home delivery next year, hurrah!

oh, and i'm sending you a leek recipe, for when you are ready, it's an absolute favorite!

Beegirl said...

FAN-tastic! Hope you are enjoying every last bite! Oranges? Only in California... sigh..