Friday, November 20, 2009

thank you.

I just want to say thank you to my sweet friends. You are all so nice...and supportive...and encouraging...
You make me laugh...cry...and laugh some more. I learn something from each of you every day...who knew this blog world could become something so dear? I didn't.
So...thank you. You make my days brighter...and the rough patches a little smoother. xo
And Dave, I know you're, I know you're Dave...right? Wait. Oh dear...
Just kidding...I know it's you. And I'm so blessed that you stop by...kindred, indeed. xoxo


Jenna Galloway said...

It's Auntie Linda. She does that on his facebook too :)

Anonymous said...

hope the light is shining a little brighter for you.

i hate those bogged down times when you don't seem to have enough, arms, or time, or energy or anthing to give.

sometimes i just give up. just let it all go. as long as there is food, clothing and shelter, pshaw on everything else.

keeping you in my prayers, michelle!