Monday, November 16, 2009

rosemary potatoes...

These are the potatoes and onions I received in my CSA box last week.
As you can see, they're not perfect. And you know, I like that about them. Perfect produce usually means some sort of genetic alterations are involved. So imperfect? Yes. Did it matter? Nope.
I finally had a chance to cook 'em all up last night. I left the skins on the potatoes, halved them and tossed them into a baking dish. Then I cut the onions into small chunks and added them to the potatoes. I drizzled it all with olive oil and added a few pats of butter.
Then I seasoned them with garlic powder, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, a smidgen of thyme and last but not least, rosemary. Ahhh...rosemary. It blends with potatoes like no other seasoning. It's one of my favorites.
I tossed the potatoes in the oven set at 375' and left them alone for about 45 minutes. They were delicious. I served them with grilled chicken and a tossed salad. And it was GOOD. I even made some extra chicken to use in tonight's dinner...creamy pasta with grilled chicken and broccoli. I'm hungry already! I may have to cook a little early!


Louisiana Laura said...

Hi Michelle,
I have a bag of red potatoes on my counter & red onion to spare, & rosemary in my yard... I can taste it now. Beautiful pict. I'm envious of their imperfections :)
btw, come over and see my 'chicken whisperer'.. I know you'll appreciate her. Just a little 'chicken love' I thought you'd enjoy.

Jenna Galloway said...

You know Michelle. SOME people don't get home cooking on a regular basis and these postings in particular make SOME people very homesick. It looks DELICIOUS and I wish I could have SOME.

Love you!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry Jenna!

I heard James Taylor on the radio today and thought of you.

Watch your's not rosemary potatoes...but I think you'll still like it nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

my favorite way to eat potatoes!!

Kelly said...

Now you are talking my language Michelle! Rosemary potatoes and a Roasted Herbed Chicken has to be one of my favorite homecooked meals.

Looks like you are really enjoying your CSA.

Beegirl said...

Oh yummy!! I so wasn't into my chicken last night. Wish I had seen this first! We try to eat our reds before the others because they don't seem to keep as long.

Nancy said...

Looks absolutely divine. I love potatoes made this way. Simple yet oh so good. The chicken pasta dish sounds yummy too...maybe you could share?

Anonymous said...

just catching up michelle, yikes i'm behind. these look amazing. what a transformation you made!