Monday, March 1, 2010

odd(s) and ends...

Sweet Nellie...she's calm. She's patient. She's friendly. Not to mention beautiful

She was feeling left out after Libby's "10 things" post the other day. No, no...she didn't tell me she was feeling left out. She's not like that. She's not a complainer like someone else we know. I could just see it in her eyes...she needed some attention, too.

(My husband finds, in a good way, of course...that I have such a knack for speaking chicken. Is it wrong? I mean, come on. I can't help it that I am a good communicator.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So today is Monday. far, so good.
The weekend was good...some rain, some sunshine, some rest and some running around.
I got some laundry done. Chris and I cleaned the coop. I made a healthy dinner last night of stir fry and Asian slaw. I visited a dear friend on Saturday night who was in town visiting her daughter for the weekend. I got some great deals at Old additional 50% off clearance items! I worked on my paper and am in the process of learning my new Word program for term papers. (Not the most fun...but it was very necessary.) The paper itself is just about done. Now I just need to figure out how to insert citations and a bibliography. Exciting, no?
I work today at 11. My new schedule is working out well so far. I like having the morning to do things around the house. Important things like laundry, dishes, dinner prep, feeding the chickens and blogging! And I figure in the summer it will give me time to water and tend the garden. So what I originally was unsure of...a work schedule smack dab in the middle of my actually turning out to be ideal for me and my family. And I'm thanking God for that...for allowing me to have my cake and eat it, too. I can work and make a little grocery money. I can have a schedule that allows me to be available to my kids...and I won't miss a baseball game unless I'm at school! I can still be available to do the books at our business. And my hours are the same every week. This is almost unheard of in retail! So I feel very blessed. It's a win-win situation...and I'm thankful.
This week is much less busy than last week...and I'm thankful for that, too. Last week I had something going every, bible study, baseball meeting, band concert. It was a lot. But...I made it through, one day at a time, and it was good. Not to mention, it made my Friday night all the better because I got to stay home and do NOTHING. was raining!! Perfect...
How about you? How was your weekend?


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

My husband has been out of town and we are all sad missing him, but he comes back Tuesday!! Here's my funny weekend story - all the girls were gone, but one. She had a little friend over and we decide to bake cookies - from scratch. It's raining, fire in the wood stove, baked bread - everything nice a cozy. But then the phone rings. We're half way through the cookies, making a big fun mess and they wanted to show the house!!!! Who goes house hunting in the pouring rain in Southern CA? Must be out of state people. Anyway, it was wild getting them through the cookies, pick up the house and out the door FAST!!

Followed up the weekend with a play at the community theatre after church with my teen daughter and then a movie at home in bed with my younger two. Nice.

Anonymous said...

i have a chicken who thinks she is going to be a mama? any advice? she won't get off the eggs....

anywho. your schedule is awesome. perfect actually. have a good day.


Nancy said...

Glad your schedule is working out so well for all of you. And the weekend sounds so good. Ours was wonderful. First time in 8 weeks we didn't have to go care for someone else...not that I mind really, needing to that, but it was so, so, so nice to be at our own home for 2 days in a row. We did nothing on Saturday. Nothing. We used it to recharge our batteries which were depleted.

pinkpeppercorns said...

Nellie looks so distinguished.

Sick woman that I am, I LOVE doing citations and such. Oh, you should have seen me in my legal secretary days.

Have you sprouted any of your sprouting seeds yet? I am so chomping at the bit to get another order in. The peanuts are so awesome.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

dmoms, I know you asked Michelle, not me, but a great website about what to do with broody hens is this one:

We had a quiet weekend- a visit to a discount grocery store to stock up on bulk grains and cheese. Church and company for lunch Sunday.

Talitha said...

Oh goodness, I love those rainy days IN, don't you? I just love home. Maybe that's why it's been so hard for me here in Missoula... home isn't really home cause it's such a trash heap. Oh well, only four more months and I can find a nicer place. My weekend was uneventful... the weeks and weekends kind of blur together since I'm not working. It's time to go back. Time to get off my duff and really dig into searching.