Friday, March 26, 2010

Before I know it... will be time to board a plane, fly over the ocean for a day (chomping my finger nails at the very thought, thankyouverymuch), and spend 10 days in Belgium.
Because so many of you are supporting me...both in prayer and through financial support...I have decided to include you in this process of preparing for my ministry trip.
While in Belgium I will be speaking...possibly just to women, but maybe not...about depression. I will be sharing biblical tools that the Lord has given me over the years to combat those dark times. I will be sharing that God is my anti-depressant...and He can be theirs, too.
Another project that God put on my heart for this trip is to create a small devotional...I envision it small enough to toss in your purse. It will be full of encouragement and scripture. It will also include some of my photos. This idea is still a bit foggy...but God has already given me notes...and possible "chapter" titles. I have created a Publisher document so that when the inspiration strikes it is ready to go. All I have to do is open it and type.
I'm really excited about this project, I have to admit. I am a creative person through and through. There is a part of me that needs to make things...whether it's food or a garden or a clothespin doll or a collage or a photo...doing these things fulfills a need in me that goes way back to when I was a little girl. I have been creative from the start...beginning with coloring pictures and sitting and drawing with my Papa. He's the master of profiles. I never could quite get it. I was more of a house and a flower and a tree kinda girl.
I remember in 2nd grade I would always be the first to finish my times tables so that I could be the first to choose my free time activity...ART.
And in 3rd grade I decided I wanted to write a book. And I did. Mrs. Addison helped me. I got an A. Or was it extra-credit? Either was awful. And my mom still has it. I was so proud of that dang book. Guess what the title was? I have no idea what I was thinking. It was titled, "Kathy". What?! That's the best I could come up with? was fun nonetheless. I wrote it and did the illustrations. It was about, yes, you guessed it, Kathy. And her mom got pregnant. And someone wanted a boy and someone wanted a guess what?!! It turns out her mom was pregnant with TWINS...a boy AND a girl. Imagine that?!
Oh my...what can I say? I was 8.
Anyway...isn't it interesting to look back on your life to see the things that God placed in you from the start? And then to see how those interests and desires come full circle to become something that God had planned for you. It's amazing. And so is God.
I humbly ask you to continue to pray for me...for inspiration, for clarity, for peace, for TIME and that I'm able to get it all done. I still have to send out my donation letter to friends and family. I'm late in doing that...again, the whole "asking for money" thing is tough for me. But...I need to raise the money, SOON...and I need help in doing I will work on that this weekend. I also need to get my passport going. Costco takes pictures for $5 each...and I need to make a Costco run I plan on doing that next week. Butter, tortillas and a passport. Interesting.
I'm also adding some more note cards to my Etsy shop in a little while...take a look if you'd like. All proceeds go toward The Belgium Project.
Is there anything else you'd like to be kept up on that I've forgotten to mention? Or do you have any questions about the ministry...the Just leave a comment or send me an email...if I have the answer I'll be happy to share with you!


ThyHandHathProvided said...

The devotional is a lovely idea, Michelle. Keep those ears open- the Lord is speaking to you, friend!

Anonymous said...

one day I will see you name on a book cover - really - I just know it. and, I will think - I know her. She is my friend. xoxo

happy gardening and cheering on your boys - yes, life is good.

Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Oh, the devotional idea is wonderful! And with your awesome photos! Do you know how precious that will be to those women? I would love to hear your chapter titles.

Praying for peace, clarity, and time for you, my friend!

Talitha said...

I love that you wrote a book! Crazy thing... I have one of those too. I keep it on my bookshelf along with two books of (really awful) poetry I've written. Don't you love how blogging allows an outlet for that? :-)

I am so proud of what you're doing. It isn't easy and you are incredibly busy, but you keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are in my prayers, friend.