Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something's going right.

The lettuce is doing really well. It gets morning sun...and then shade takes over around 1 or 2pm. For now it seems perfect. That's why yesterday, after my pity party, I planted MORE lettuce. And honestly, I didn't plant it because we eat so many salads and love it so much...as a matter of fact, my family isn't all that IN to salads. I planted lettuce because it means success. There. I said it. I know I can grow it.

In the foreground of the picture you can see some nasturtiums...and I have to say, they are doing really well, too. Then along the fence, on the right side, are my Sugar Snap peas...and so far they're doing great. Oh I hope they make it...I love snap peas! So far, so good. I also planted more beets because the first go-around didn't do so well. I don't know why...too much water from the rain? Not enough sun for days on end? Bad location? Well, whatever it was I changed it ALL...which probably wasn't the right thing to do. I should have changed one variable. But...too late!

OK...so let's see...so far the things that are thriving in my garden are:

  • nasturtiums
  • lettuce
  • artichoke
  • snap peas
  • Birdhouse gourds
  • radishes
  • beans

OK, so not bad, right? I mean, things are growing. Not everything is a wash. But I think what got me was that everything that was thriving was not going to sustain my family. You can only eat so much lettuce. We have one artichoke plant and from what I understand we'll only get 2-4 artichokes from it. Peas and beans and radishes are all great...but there won't be enough. And Birdhouse gourds? Cool, yes. And interesting. But not edible.

OK...so keeping it all in perspective, let's go back to the beginning where I said it was for the "learning experience". Right? And thank you to so many of you who have reminded me of this! The reality is...I am learning. And fortunately, we do not have to survive on what I grow. And someday...I will know what I am doing. And I will grow enough food to eat, share AND preserve for the winter. Someday. But no...not over night. And not always on the first try. And...that's OK. It's a process...a fun one, a frustrating one...and one that's worth every emotion that goes along with it.


Anonymous said...

it is all a process of learning. I move things around each year in my garden trying to find the best spot for everything.

I am by no means an expert though in the gardening arena. just keep trying.

Nancy said...

Enjoy the journey. Sometimes that is more important than reaching the goal.

Cena said...

Lovely lettuce. I linked to you from Freedom Gardens, from a comment that mentioned Northern CA. I'm from Northern CA myself, so I wondered what you were growing. I'm a bit of a beginner too, and could NOT feed my family with what I grow unless alot of these weeds are edible! I have beets going to seed from the winter, and lots of self sown artichokes. I just planted tomatoes and this very night I'm sowing summer squash and cantaloupe from seed. All my kids are at church and hubby just called. He'll be at least another hour. Oh, a quiet garden.

Cena said...
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