Monday, May 18, 2009

The mood is lifting...

Amazing what a little digging in the dirt and hanging clothes on the line will do for a mood. Who knew?

After griping about the state of my garden I decided to go out and DO something about it. I ripped out the diseased plants and replaced them with healthy ones. I planted more beet seeds, more lettuce seeds and fertilized everything. I watered, weeded and staked.
Then I washed up and got a cool drink of water.
Then I noticed the neighbors cat in my backyard. I was worried that he might be seeing the girls as cooked up fryers like on the old cartoons so I shoo'ed him off and tucked the girls back in their coop.
Then I hung the sheets on the line.
Then I stood back and admired my work.
Amazing how happy it made me to know that I was NOT wasting energy by using my dryer. You'd have thought I won the lottery. I am loving my clothes line. And I think the sheets and clothes dry FASTER than they do in the dryer!!
I'm feeling a little better about this whole "self-sufficiency" thing...


Anonymous said...

way to go!

Michelle said...

Thanks dmoms! I'm getting it together...I just had to pout for a minute!

Nancy said...

Looks like you've had a change in attitude....good for you!