Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quiet Sunday morning.

Yard sale finds in the back of my car. My husband thought this was a funny picture as it represents each of our fetishes: mine; chairs, his; old radios. That poor chair is STILL in the back of my car because I don't know where I want to put it yet!
This is starting out to be a very quiet morning around here. Ian spent the night at his cousin's (my brother's) house and Seth spent the night at his buddy's house after being there all day yesterday for a boy/girl swim party. He's getting so baby is growing up. I'm enjoying watching him become a young man...watching him mature and grow...but then sometimes I feel like screaming and crying and putting bricks on his head to make it all stop! Bittersweet...that's what it is.
So...with them's quiet here. Chris is in the living room playing his guitar...I'm in our room watching Apollo 13 and blogging. And sipping my coffee. Gotta sip the coffee.
Eventually the quiet will end. Eventually I will hear the shower and the vacuum and the lawn mower and the washing machine and the hair dryer and the shovels and rakes and the clucking chickens. And eventually I'll hear the screams of people on carnival rides and the loud sounds of our friend's band playing at the fair and the crunching of my teeth on my annual corn dog with extra mustard.
And eventually, after a long, loud family and friend filled will be quiet again.

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Anonymous said...

I like the quiet more and more these days. have fun!!