Sunday, May 10, 2009

the internet isn't all bad.

Last week I went to my library online and placed some books on hold. A few days later I'm getting an automated call telling me my books are in. Yes! These are the books that were waiting for me when I arrived:

On the Wild Edge. Hmmm...I'm not sure how I ended up with this one...or what the chain of events were to lead me to it. it is just the same...and so far it's pretty interesting!
This is sustainability to the extreme. But each his own. I'm hoping to glean some knowledge.

In Defense of Food was bragged on by Thy Hand Hath Provided...and I'd been eyeing it now and then...and figured it was time to give it a read. I never did read Omnivores Dilemma...I started to but just couldn't get into it. We'll see how this one grabs me. I'm a bit of a finicky reader...if a book doesn't grab me, I don't grab it! I'm not one to finish a book just because I started it if it's not all that great. So...I've read a few pages...and so far, so good.

Simply in Season. This was also bragged on by Thy Hand Hath Provided...not to mention she shared a vinaigrette recipe that was delicious. So I definitely needed to check this one out (no pun intended) myself. I'm glad I did. This one is worth owning and got placed on my Amazon Wish List!

My point here isn't really the books themselves, though. My point is the fact that I can go online, go to my, find books and place them on like a minute and a half! Next thing I know I'm getting a phone call letting me know they've arrived!
I walked into the library....went directly to the Hold Shelf...grabbed my books...went to the self-checkout and used my handy-dandy keychain card and I was done. Just like that. Is that not the best thing ever?


pinkpeppercorns said...

I check out way-hay-hay too many books this way. Well, if they come via interlibrary loan, and most of them do since our library is pretty small. I must not be the only one to take FULL (*ahem* excessive) advantage of it, because in February, they put a limit (ten) on the number of books that could be requested at one time. heh The library is only a few blocks from me. :) I get an e-mail when they're ready for pickup and a two-day reminder e-mail when they're due. (Sadly, this hasn't saved me much in late fines.) Our library doesn't have self-checkout, though. :(

I'll be curious to hear how you like the books, especially In Defense of Food.

Nancy said...

I use our library's on-line request feature regularly. I love it. I also love the Simply in Season cookbook. You will too!

Anonymous said...

yes, the library rocks! I do the same thing. it is so nice to just walk in grab your books and go.

glad you had such a nice day yesterday : )