Friday, May 15, 2009

Table for One.

I took this picture last week....with the harvest of my first radish. It's like the size of a dime. Don't mind the crumbs, OK?
Since then I've harvested a lot more lettuce...and it is really tasty. Not it's good to mix with other lettuce.
And so more radishes. One is pretty close...and I was *this* close to plucking it last night. I am SO IMPATIENT.
But...I practiced self-control...and left it alone.
For now.


Anonymous said...

you are so far ahead of me.

it has been too rainy here.

thanks for your prayer for me this morning : )

WhiteStone said...

I'm a wee bit ahead of you. I picked TWO teensy radishes. Should be more today, though! We, too, are tossing garden lettuce in with some store greens.

Nancy said...

I'm pretty sure your patience will be worth it in the long run.