Monday, May 25, 2009

I've never made bread in my life.

But I'm going to. Soon.

I have been dying to read Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for months. My intention was to buy it when I had some extra money. But, extra money has not been in my vocabulary as of the book had to wait.

Until I remembered my most favorite thing in the world: putting books on hold at the library online. Man, I love that feature. (Have I mentioned how much I love putting books on hold online at my local library? What? Only 22 times? Well...I LOVE putting books on hold at my local library! I love it so much I even tell strangers! I may even tell the people around the corner with orange trees in their front yard. That would give me an excuse to knock on their door!)

I put the book on hold a few weeks ago and the other day I got the anticipated call that it was IN. Yes!

I started reading it last night and so far, so good. And definitely worth owning. My plan was to actually TRY it today but after reading the intro there is some set-up and preparation involved in making this happen. Thermometers...large covered stones...etc. I have most of the items...but need an oven thermometer and a container to store the dough in the fridge. And...I have to make sure I have the ROOM to store a large container in my fridge. This is where a garage fridge would come in handy. This is always a touchy subject...we have a one-car garage. And it's packed to the gills with...stuff. Much of which we'll be getting RID OF when I can schedule my dang garage sale. And now that baseball season is over...I can.

I digress. Somehow it always boils down to my messy garage! I really need to DO something about that.

Anyway...where was I? Oh yes...artisan bread. Not just bread. But artisan bread. Doesn't bread sound so much more yummy and good for you when it has the word "artisan" in front of it? Yeah...I think so, too. (I think I need to slow down on the coffee this morning...)
So...yeah...I need supplies first. Luckily, I get to keep the book for three weeks. And I can renew once online. So that's six weeks to get ready. That should be plenty of time. Good heavens I should HOPE so. If I can't get a grip inside of six weeks then I deserve to eat store-bought bread full of preservatives and fake sweeteners.
I'll let you know how it goes!
Oh yeah! In doing a search for a decent picture of the book cover I came across the official Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day web site. Nice.


Anonymous said...

you must make your own bread. I have yeast activating at this very moment : )

Anonymous said...

We got that book for Christmas and it makes the BEST bread. Seriously. I jokingly tell people that I'm a professional baker now. We've been trying all sorts of bread recipes for years always laboring over kneeding, but this recipe blows everything away and it's SO easy! You've got to try it!

Nancy said...

You're going to love homemade bread! I made homemade pizza crust last it but it is time consuming so must do it on days (weekend) when I'm home and have TIME. Seriously, it will be so worth it.

Beegirl said...

I came across it via Mother Earth News. They had an article on the bread. We tried it and loved it. Eventually purchased the book! Very easy to make and fantastically yummy!!