Saturday, May 9, 2009

it's early-ish.

I'm up. I'm (back) in my bed. But I'm up. I've got my FOOD Network...and my computer. So far, so good.

We've got baseball games this morning...both boys at 10, one at different towns. So I'll be at one and Chris will be at the other. Later in the afternoon we'll be celebrating Mother's Day a day early to accommodate my brother's work schedule. We're going to go to dinner...the whole lot of that should be fun.

It's really just one of those "life" weekends, a typical weekend during baseball season with a little Mother's Day thrown
Then tomorrow...Mother's Day...we'll lounge around here, per my in the garden, barbecue something simple, clean up the chicken coop and be homebodies! Something I'm wanting to do more and more lately...sounds like a perfect day!


Anonymous said...

so funny. with one hand I was moving the mouse of my computer and with the other I was turning on food network.

your day is like mine - today is a baseball practice and a soccer game.

tomorrow - home, bbq, and garden : )


Sojourner said...

You captured the beauty of those lilies from so many angles. They speak peace to my heart, so smooth, so elegant.

Sounds like you're headed for a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day my beautiful friend.


Anonymous said...

oh, no more Jamie. I loved that show although we are not usually home on Saturday mornings. I really just liked watching him more than anything. shhh, don't tell my husband : )