Sunday, May 10, 2009

A good day, play by play.

succulent. photo taken last week.
This was a very nice Mother's Day. I woke up to a potted, yellow calla lily and a poem from my husband. Very sweet...and personal. And romantic! The boys got me a sweet card with a Starbuck's gift card! Do they know me, or what? I am spoiled...and blessed.
We went to was nice. Not much new...but nice. Chris played guitar with the worship team which is always nice. I like to hear him play.
We came home and got down to some serious relaxing. Although I did run to the store for some corn on the cob (no local places are open yet!), macaroni and soda. Then I decided to run by the strawberry patch for some sweet, local strawberries. I cut them up and sugared them really well and put them in the fridge for later. Then I made a macaroni salad and let it chill for an hour or so.
The boys mowed the lawns and Chris weed-eated...weed-ate? know what I mean...they got the yard so nice and neat and tidy. It looks great. Then we put the dog in the house and let the chickens "free-range". We cleaned out their coop while they ran around. They loved it!
By this time we decided to get dinner going a little early so Chris barbecued the chicken and I prepared some fresh fruit and corn on the cob. What a good dinner! It was so yummy...and light...and good for us. Earlier in the day Seth wanted to bake some cookies or something...but it was just too hot to have the oven on. Plus, I said, I wanted to do a dessert with strawberries. He said, "How about funnel cakes?!" Yeah! And...amazingly...I just happened to have a funnel cake kit I'd bought at Big Lots a few months back. Perfect!
Like a dummy, I didn't take pictures. They didn't last long enough! They were goooood. And I'll even go so far as to say....healthy. OK, maybe not healthy...but not super UN-healthy either! The ingredients were pretty straight flour, wheat flour, non fat dried milk...and some other benign ingredients. Not bad, eh? we did fry them in oil...but not too deep! Then we served them with the sugared strawberries and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. YUM. And easy. And light. And...quite possibly...addictive.
After dinner it cooled off outside so we went out and sat on the deck. The yard was clean and trimmed...the garden watered and happy...the chickens safe and sound and eating strawberry hulls...even Reggie got some scraps. (I tell ya...the animals around here are well cared for.) Ian helped me set some pincher bug traps with wet newspaper...then we called it a day.
And now...I'm sitting in my bed, watching Sound of Music and writing in my blog. I'd say that makes for a pretty good day...

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pinkpeppercorns said...

Sounds like a very good Mother's Day indeed. Belated *Mother's Day hugs*.