Thursday, May 7, 2009


I read a lot of blogs. Some on a regular basis...some occasionally...some on a random goose chase for information about a certain topic. Well, the other day I was reading a random blog...I don't remember how I came across it, whose it was, or where to find it again.
I DO remember, however, a snippet of what I'd read. I read something along the lines of removing strawberry blossoms the first year the plants are planted to encourage bushier growth for the following year and years to come.
What? Are you serious? Pluck these beautiful little blossoms? And not just blossoms...future strawberries? I don't think so. I mean, I can already see the little beginning of a berry!
Now as I'm typing this I am looking back to all of the times I've walked past the sweet little plants...future berries and all...knowing that I should be plucking them off, ruthlessly, for the good of the plant and for the good of my family really. Because bushier plants means even MORE berries in the future, right? So why can't I bring myself to do it? I want those dang strawberries! Never mind that I live less than a mile from a HUGE strawberry patch with delicious berries all summer long. Never mind that I only planted two plants and will more than likely only get a handful of berries anyway. We won't get enough for jam...or even strawberry shortcake! We'll realistically only get enough to pluck as we walk by, wash off under the hose, and eat before we even get back in the house!
Boy...I really need to get a handle on this gardening thing. It is NOT for sissies, that's for sure.


WhiteStone said...

It's the same for me when I plant greens thick enough that I can pluck up baby plants and leave the others to grow large. I resist! And end up with toooo many clumps of thin spindly plants. LOL

You Can Call Me Jane said...

We never plucked our blooms at the beginning either- we just couldn't do it. We relished those first few strawberries and are no worse for wear- we have them now aplenty.

Anonymous said...

well, i used to work at a strawberry farm. they plucked them. they had the best berries ever.

sorry : )

Lisa Gallup said...

I wouldn't be able to pluck em! Last year we had two tomato plants ...a cherry tomato and a yellow pear and not a single tomato made it into the house! We ate them all while passing by or standing in the front yard. And loved every single morsel! :D I say enjoy your home grown ones for nibbling and the enjoyment of growing them, then go to the strawberry patch down the way to buy some more! :)