Saturday, November 26, 2011

past and present.

I finally cleaned our room the other day. It was beginning to look like an episode of Hoarders...piles, clothes, bags, Ick. I was losing sleep over it. Something had to be done.

I finally took some time and got rid of some stuff...found places for other stuff...filed and organized and tidied the rest of the stuff. And's actually a nice place to be. And restful.

One thing that is still a bit cluttered is my dresser top...that's it up there. If you go here you can read little notes about what's what. I didn't share the photograph with the stack of school photos and receipts that needs going through just to the right. That's next on the list...along with framing those adorable creations my boys made years ago.

I just ate a frozen pot pie...made me feel about 8 years old again. My mom made them occasionally when I was little...I actually liked them. Still do. Although I gotta say...homemade pot pies are way better. Duh. But like I always say...sometimes convenience wins around here....especially on days like today when I've got a crazy amount of classwork to do.

I was up until 11:30 last night making Excel spreadsheets and pecking away at that stupid paper. Then I woke up this morning with Mail Merges and Address Lists on my brain.'s gonna be a long year people.

I figure that's about how long this whole Bachelor's degree thing is gonna take me...a year. Maybe less. I was considering blasting it out in 9 months but then I got a grip and realized to do that would be like taking 6 classes in a semester. And that's just ridiculous. I don't need to rush....I need to be steady. And realistic.

Speaking of which...I better finish up this dang paper so I can get started on next week's assignments. Just when I think I can catch my's "next week" already!

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