Friday, November 25, 2011

I got nothin'....

Yesterday was really always. Family, food, laughter, kids, football, food, tears. I missed Noni and Papa a lot...still can't believe they're gone. This whole life and death thing is heavy on my's just so surreal. Life is really so temporary. I'm trying not to take it for granted...

You'll notice I'm not shopping today. No. No way. I'm not a "crowd" kinda gal. My inner meanie comes out in crowds. So it's best I stay home. No deal is that good. I will probably get a few things online...but I have a Cyber Monday the equivalent to Black Friday? So on Monday the deals will be better? I better find out for sure before I shop...I do love a good bargain. Just not willing to fight for it...or get trampled.

So it's after 10am...and I really need to get some school work done. Really. I have made a list. A long list. But I have yet to check things off. Today is the day. My relationship with procrastination is not a healthy one. Grrr...

Yesterday my aunt told me I was "slacking" in the blogging! I know...I know...she's so right. She said she thinks I should post every day...even twice a day! I don't know about that..!

I just feel like all I talk about anymore is school. I'm kinda boring. Not a lot of canning...or crafting...or even photo taking. No gardening...Chris planted our winter garden if that tells you anything. He's like a farmer now.

Honestly, and this might be kind of weird, but I use my photos as a jumping off point for my posts. I just pick a photo...and type away. You may notice that I've been sharing graphics or mosaics or old photos...that's because I haven't been taking new photos. I've just been sitting at this computer, going back and forth between Word .docs, my online class and Pinterest.

I feel like all I do is school work...or talk about how I should do school work...and laundry. I prepare a meal here and there. And drive my kids all over kingdom come. But nothing creative...I really should do something about that.

But...not today. Today is for class work. (I mean it!)

But first...a shower, a load (or 17) of laundry, I really should pull something out of the freezer for dinner, these boys need to eat, ya know...well, and me too. You'd think yesterday's meal would hold us over for a week or so.

Anyway...thank you for hanging in there with me while I do this whole "school thing". Those of you that are still with me I consider true friends...encouragers...not just "followers". Matter of fact..I think I'll remove that Follow button. Let's face it...I'd write here even if nobody visited Give a Girl a Fig. I like this little space...

OK...time to think "term paper".

See? Boring!! xoxoxo


Jennifer said...

i would read your to-do list Michelle!

even when you are writing about mundane stuff like school and lists i love to read it, because it's real. and you have such an honesty and wit about you. i much prefer real blogs.

and you are right, i would write my blog too even if no one else read it, actually, sometimes i feel people would be better off not reading my ramblings, but oh well. somehow we all keep taking this little journey called life together.

take a big breath, whew, let it go. you are perfect just the way you are!!!

we are doing nothing here today. black friday laziness, too pooped out from yesterday!!

Denise said...

well, i feel that same way too. it is my little blog and i like it. somedays i think about turning comments off just for that reason...

i am just amazed that you are managing school on top of life. i like hearing about it.

our thanksgiving was okay... not quite what i had in mind but some are just like that. oh well :)

i am doing laundry tomorrow!!