Monday, November 28, 2011

good morning...

Here's a peek at my kitchen...I took this photo the other day "as is". You may notice new paint...a new plate shelf and glass doors over the sink...bead board back splash...and not pictured are six can lights and a freshly painted white ceiling. What a difference this has made in my tiny little kitchen...I am really enjoying it.

I finally finished that pesky term paper that was torturing me. And now I am down to only three weeks left of this least favorite of all my classes thus far.

Everyone is back to the routine this morning...boys are off to school, Chris is getting ready for work, and here I am...I think this chair is going to have a permanent indentation in the shape of my butt...I spend so much time here.

I think I may do a bit of online shopping today...I don't know. I am not even really sure what I'm getting for everyone yet. I finally got a list from Seth...and a few ideas from Ian...Chris is still formulating his wish list. I've got a few ideas for my immediate family...but nothing concrete yet. Mom and I are going to go shopping Friday afternoon after I get off work...hopefully I'll make a nice BIG dent in the to-do list. I plan on it, actually. I mean, Christmas is just around the corner...already. I can't even believe it...

Ya know...usually I'm a bit of a Grinch around Christmas. (And "Grinch" is actually making me sound so cute and quirky about it all...I'm really just a big grouch.) Admittedly, it is not my favorite holiday. I believe I've mentioned a time (or 20) that Thanksgiving is my, fall, pressure, no spending...mmmm, I love it. Christmas, on the other hand, is different. A lot different.

However, this year, I am trying to have a more positive attitude about it...and so far I'm doing fairly well. I have just decided that there's nothing I can do about it...Christmas comes every year, whether I'm happy about it, or not. May as well save myself some stress and crankiness and enjoy it all, right?

Because really, I do love to give gifts. I love finding the perfect gift for each person on my list...and wrapping it nice and pretty...knowing that they're gonna love it. I guess because finances have been so crazy for the past several years Christmas has become stressful. And not because I don't like to give...but more because I DO like to give and haven't been able to without stressing over it. (Hmmm...light bulb moment, eh?)


It's a busy week, school, kids, shopping, a baby shower on Saturday afternoon and Seth's Winter Ball that night (and all that entails)...and, and, and....and this is the moment I have to stop and remind myself, "one day at a time", take a good, deep breath and keep moving forward.



You Can Call Me Jane said...

Your kitchen is so warm and inviting. I love imagining you there:-).

Anonymous said...

i am loving your kitchen ~ especially the door heading outside. you should make that a dutch door - if it leads to the backyard and your garden :)

you have a full week. yes, one day at a time.

Beegirl said...

Love your space!