Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have been wanting a duvet for our bed for quite a while now. But can I just say...duvets are expensive! I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. I just wanted something fresh to cover our old comforter. I looked and looked online and at stores like Marshall's and Ross...Home Goods...but...nothin'.

Well last week a friend and I headed to Ikea in Sacramento. I was in search of a duvet...she, a storage unit for toys. And it was a successful trip...we both found what we needed!

I ended up choosing a white duvet with a decorative stitch for some detail. It also came with shams, which was a bonus. I looked at colors and neutrals but decided that white would be best...mainly because I took into consideration just about every photo I've Pinned at Pinterest and just about every single one has white bedding. So I figure that is what I like...what I'm drawn to...so I went for it.

And I have to say...I'm really happy with it. It just sort of finishes things off...makes our room look like I might have meant to do something in there. Our poor room has always been neglected...mainly because I could never figure out what I wanted to do in there. Mainly because I never thought we'd be here as long as we have been. Mainly because I have always considered it just a bedroom...not a master suite and therefore haven't ever really made the effort to make it inviting.

But as I browse Pinterest I realized that I wanted to do something in there..even if it was simple. I also realized that I am not into rooms that look 'decorated'. I like rooms that look as if they've evolved over time...that look comfortable and lived in. I like a relaxed look...and not one that is too matchy-matchy. (And trust me...I've got the NO "matchy-matchy" thing down pat...and not always by choice!)

So...yeah. I finally got a duvet...and it came with shams. And it made me happy. Now I can move on to the next thing...hmmm....what should that be? The to-do list around here is looooonggg.....


Denise said...

oh, i am itching to go to IKEA. It is only 10 minutes from my home!!

your room looks great!!

Beegirl said...

Lovely space! Make me want to crawl in and relax with a book! We ::heart:: Ikea too.. Looooovvve...

Jennifer said...

did D just say she has an IKEA 10 minutes from home, crazy jealous, ours is an hour away.

i love it....love it, glad you found it.

i bought one of those beautifully girly floral Shabby Chic duvets for my bed the day I got divorced. It was a gift just for me and even better I caught it on clearance.

amazing what a little something can do.