Friday, November 18, 2011

I whipped up a pot of soup real quick...

I was in the mood for some soup. I had broccoli, shredded cheese and the leftover insides of some baked potatoes (saved from when I made potato skins for dinner last week) in the fridge.

I heated up a pot, added a can of chicken broth, 2-ish cups water, the leftover potato (about 2 cups...maybe 4-5 potatoes worth?) and a couple handfuls of broccoli florets. Set the mixture on high, brought it to a boil, then turned it down to medium heat and let it simmer.

I added some salt and a teensy bit of sugar (broccoli can be slightly bitter, ya know?) and stirred now and then.

In about 15-20 minutes the broccoli was nice and tender...almost ready.

I removed the "soup" from the heat, added a 1/2 cup or so of milk then blended it all together, nice and creamy, with my immersion blender. I seriously love this kitchen tool...if you don't have one, I think you need one. If you do have one but just don't use it, you really need to start. It's an amazing little tool...quick and easy to use...quick and easy to clean it.


Once the soup was nice and creamy I added a bit more salt and some pepper to taste...and a handful of shredded cheese.

Then I stirred it all in.

And then...I ate it.

And it was good.

It was a nice warm tasty lunch. But, if I'm honest, it was a Or grainy? Not sure why...? But yeah...the texture was slightly off. The taste, however, was not. It may have been better had I used cream or half and half rather than non-fat milk. But I am big on using what I've milk it was. (And in thinking about it, next time, I'll add a little onion...just because. Or maybe because I want to be like Ina and get "depth of flavor", how many times does she say that?!)

So it's's gray and dreary out with a chance of beloved week is vacation...and my most favorite holiday ever...Thanksgiving.

Life is good...


Denise said...

sounds like my kind of soup. i would have used the milk too :)

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too.

Corinne said...

I am pretty sure that it was your white potatoes that caused the "texture casualty"!..They have a mind of their own, I'm pretty sure, and they don't freeze well, either...! The skim milk is perfectly fine and didn't cause the problem...the potatoes are the culprit! Still, it was a nourishing treat, and you used what you had on bond...what can be bad...?!?!? I enjoy your blog...HAPPY THANKSGIVING...!!!

Middle-aged Momma said...

It was the potatoes, I'm sure. But I wouldn't have cared because once you mentioned "shredded cheese", I was sold! Sounded yummy for a dreary day.
P.S. I would have used skim milk as well. Use watcha got.